Vision statement

“To live in a society that places high value on personal wellness and holistic disease prevention”

Mission statement

“To provide highest-quality, evidence-based wellness services, preventative care education, and personalized support to our patients and others in our community”

Core values

We believe …

…the body has the ability to heal itself and we should do all we can to promote self-healing.

…personal health leads to disease prevention.

…disease prevention leads to lower costs for patients, insurance companies, and our society as a whole.

…helping our patients develop healthier habits for daily living is key.

…improving personal wellness is a process that requires patience and dedication.

individualized, patient-centered care is paramount.

…providing highest-quality patient care requires excellent teamwork and communication.

…we must encourage others in our community to strive toward personal wellness.

…community health and happiness lead to more productive and fulfilling lives for everyone.

…a cultural shift in attitude toward health and wellness is critical for a healthier and happier society.