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3 Unusual Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

You have often heard that exercise is good for your health. Sweating out at the gym gives you the perfect abs, toned muscles and bulging biceps. But did you know that the advantages of exercising go beyond just delighting you with a toned tummy? Studies prove that regular workouts have some surprising mental health benefits. Here are the three most important ones.

1. Boosts Self-confidence

Workouts will make you feel better about yourself. You’ll experience a substantial boost in your self-confidence when your body gains a better shape and starts looking attractive. Irrespective of one’s age, size, weight or gender, exercise will improve an individual’s perception of his or her self-worth.

2. Reduces Stress

Stressed out after a long and hectic day at work? Fret not. Go for a walk or hit the gym to de-stress yourself. When you workout, it increases the norepinephrine levels in your body. Norepinephrine is an organic chemical that functions in the brain and controls the way your mind responds to stress. So, what are you waiting for? Head straight to the gym or simply do some freehand exercises.

3. Improves Brain Power

Several studies show that cardiovascular workouts help in neurogenesis, that is the development of new brain cells. This boosts your overall brain performance. Studies also show that a proper workout increases the BDNF (a brain-derived protein) levels in your body to help you think, decide and learn better. Exercising offers some amazing mental health benefits to you and your family. Our experts recommend that you take up the right exercise to stay healthy. Visit one of our wellness centers and let one of our Nutrition and Wellness consultants help you to improve your overall health.