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3 Ways To Deal With Toe Cramps

How do you define toe cramps in a word?


You wake up suddenly in the middle of the night with a piercing pain in your toe. Cuff muscles stiff, foot flexed and legs immovable. This lasts a few minutes and then everything is back to normal.

All of us know how toe cramps feel.

However, if these incidents become too frequent, then you might want to be a bit more careful and consult a doctor. In many cases, it might signify a critical medical condition in the circulatory or central nervous systems. Here are three possible reasons and ways to deal with toe cramps.

Right Exercise

Do you exercise every day? It’s a great thing if you do. But do you maintain a schedule? Too much of a workout can put excessive pressure and stress on your muscles, causing toe cramps. On the other hand, if you do not exercise, blood circulation decreases, which can also be the reason for toe cramps. So, exercise every day, but in moderation.

Drink Water

Dehydration is one of the most common reasons for toe cramps. Plain water may not always be helpful, so we recommend you to drink glucose water and eat food that is rich in potassium and calcium.

Select Right Shoes

One of the common reasons to have a spasm is wearing the wrong shoe. If you always prefer to wear high heels, it’s time to shift to flats on occasion. Also, you need to find the right pair that can match the structure of your body.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for toe cramps, so you need to be careful and follow the above tips to avoid it. Proper diet is essential to decrease any mineral deficiencies.

Prescribing quinine is no longer permitted by the FDA because of the efficacy and safety controversy.

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