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4 Tips to Treat Sports Injuries in Children Naturally

Pain, strains, sprains, bruises and blisters are inevitable for an active child. And, for kids who actively participate in sports, the possibilities of sports injuries are even higher. Though 3.5 million sports injuries are reported in the US every year, only one out of four of these sports-related injuries are severe, while the rest can opt for natural remedies. Next time your child is injured, do not let him pop ibuprofen pills. Instead, treat injuries without using analgesics. Here are four tips to treat sports injuries in kids in a natural way:

1. Apply Cold Pack or Ice

Apply cold or ice packs immediately on the affected area. Apply it for 10 to 20 minutes and repeat the process every 2-3 hours. The cold will lessen pain, inflammation and swelling in the injured muscles, connective tissues and joints. Remove the cold pack right away if you notice that the injured area has turned white. This is an indication of a cold injury.

2. Let your Child Rest

Make sure that the injured area is protected. Let your kid refrain from activities that resulted in the injury. Do not allow your child to move. Prevent him from participating in activities that will aggravate the pain or swelling.

3. Apply Compression on the Affected Area

Apply wrapping or compression around the affected area to reduce swelling. Use an elastic bandage and ensure that you do not wrap it too firmly as that would result in increased swelling below the bandaged area.

Consult our sports medicine doctor Jeralyn Allen, MD, if you feel that you need to apply the compression for more than 48-78 hours. In case of a serious problem, Dr. Allen will help to heal your kid’s sports injury as she has specific training and experience in sports-related injury, physical medicine issues, joint injections and minor skin procedures.

4. Elevate the Injured Area

Raise the injured area on firm pillows when applying the cold pack or any other time when your child sits or takes rest. Keep the affected area above the heart level to reduce swelling.

Is your child suffering from a serious sports injury? Get in touch with our sports medicine doctor right away.