Have you heard about "Text Neck?"

The fact is, for every inch your head hangs past the shoulders, the weight carried down through the spine increases by 10 pounds.

Are your kids at risk for text neck?

One of the latest epidemics in the spine and neck world is text neck. With kids going back to school, they are going to be on their phones more and are at high risk of developing tech neck. With all of the time kids are staring at a screen they are damaging the curve of their spine without even realizing it. This can lead to disc herniation, pinched nerves and to long term pain and discomfort that may never go away without some kind of physical therapy. Paired with heavy backpacks and it is no wonder why so many kids are already experiencing shoulder, neck and back pain.

The Florida Wellness group offers many solutions to help your kids correct this before they end up with daily pain and discomfort.

We’ve devoted our practice to preventative healthcare in addition to sick care and hope to contribute to a society that places high value on personal wellness and holistic disease prevention. Your kids are important to us and by taking a proactive approach, catching conditions early, and helping patients develop healthier habits, we seek to help people enjoy longer and better-quality lives.

We offer four convenient locations throughout the Tampa Bay Area offering Primary Care, Physical Medicine, Chiropractic, Medical Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy. 

Discover the healing benefits of exceptional Chiropractic care through the Florida Wellness Medical Group and get your kids on the path to pain free screen time.