Benefits of Physical Therapy After Surgery

Before undergoing surgery, patients usually have many questions about the recovery process. More specifically, patients often want to know how they can speed up their recovery and reduce downtime. One of the best ways to do so is with a physical therapy program.

Physical therapy offers the following key benefits after surgery:

Relief From Pain and Inflammation

Pain and inflammation are common after surgery. Your physical therapist can help you overcome these side effects by promoting proper healing, improving flexibility, and helping you heal faster. Many physical therapists also help decrease pain and inflammation with methods like heat and cold therapy, acupuncture, stretches, and electrical muscle stimulation.  

Some patients fear that physical therapy will hurt. But, this is a misconception. Physical therapists are trained and experienced in promoting healing – the goal is to alleviate pain, not cause it. 

Lessen Scar Tissue Formation

After surgery, the body’s natural healing process leads to scar tissue. Scar tissue can limit mobility and function, eventually becoming painful if it’s not properly treated. 

Stretches, exercises, and soft tissue mobilization are aspects of physical therapy that prevent scar tissue formation after surgery. This can help you heal faster while improving mobility, both now and in the future. 

Boost Circulation

Proper blood circulation is essential after surgery, as it delivers healing oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. Physical therapy can improve circulation to the surgical site as it heals with targeted exercises and hands-on manipulation. 

Enhance Mobility, Strength, and Balance

After surgery, patients typically experience reduced mobility, strength, and balance, particularly in the area of the body that was operated on. Through targeted exercises, stretches, and manual therapies, physical therapy can help patients more quickly recover from surgery. 

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