How Posture and Mood Are Linked

Most people know that posture can lead to back and neck pain. But, besides physical pain, did you know that posture can affect your mood?

Your spine and emotions are closely correlated, meaning that you can work to maintain a better mood by improving your posture. In this article, we’ll explore this topic in greater depth.  

How Are Posture and Mood Linked?

When people are stressed, upset, or otherwise feeling low, they tend to adopt a slumped posture while standing and sitting. But, having poor posture even when you’re not feeling stressed out or upset can negatively impact your mood. 

A clinical trial conducted in 2014 found that sitting with an upright posture when you’re feeling stressed can improve your mood and maintain your self-esteem when compared to a slumped posture. This research supports theories that muscular and involuntary physical states affect your emotional state. 

Additionally, a 2017 study conducted at San Francisco State University focused on how students recalled past positive and negative experiences. 86% of the students in a slumped position could more easily recall negative experiences, while 87% of students could more easily recall positive experiences while sitting upright. 

Although it may be frustrating to hear that your posture may be negatively affecting your mood, we have good news: It’s easy to improve your posture and reap the resulting benefits, including:

  • A greater sense of confidence
  • A sense of empowerment
  • Greater awareness, focus, and productivity
  • Improved energy levels
  • Greater self-esteem

Improving Your Posture

While standing, you can improve your posture by keeping:

  • Your weight is mainly in the balls of your feet
  • Your arms down naturally by your sides
  • Your feet are shoulder-width apart
  • Your shoulders back
  • Your stomach in
  • Your head aligned over your shoulders

While sitting, you can improve your posture by:

  • Standing and taking short walks around the room regularly
  • Changing sitting positions regularly
  • Avoiding crossing your legs
  • Investing in a chair with support for your lower back, thighs, and hips
  • Relaxing, not rounding, your shoulders 

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