Back to School Health & Wellness Tips for Your Kids

back to school wellnessIt seems like summer just started, but some teachers and parents are already preparing to go back to school. From picking up school supplies to checking in on summer reading, there already seems like a big list of things to do. 

In the excitement of starting a new year, don’t let your child’s health fall by the wayside. 

Follow these steps to make sure your kids are healthy and physically ready for the new school year. 

Check Your Immunization Records

Older kids and teens still need to get vaccinated for various diseases before they can start middle school. Some schools even require immunization records before students can attend. Check the Florida Department of Health to see which immunizations are recommended for your children. You may also want additional vaccines, like those for HPV or Hepatitis A, to protect your child. 

Also, ask us about getting a flu shot (for both you and your child) through our primary care services while you are here.    

Get a Sports Physical

If your child is going to play sports in the fall (or if you even think that they may be interested in signing up for a team event), get ahead of the game and schedule a physical for sports. There is a rush of parents and kids getting these physicals at the start of the school year, so you can beat the crowds by scheduling yours early. 

At Florida Wellness, we offer physicals to clear kids and teens to play sports. Schedule your physical with one of our healthcare professionals today. 

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Schedule a Dentist Appointment 

Now is the best time to take your child to the dentist. You don’t have to worry about pulling them out of class and you can schedule a follow-up appointment for any cavities or problems they may have. Summer is also a great time to meet with orthodontists to ask about braces if your child needs them.

By scheduling a dentist appointment now, you can schedule your next six-month cleaning in January before school starts again. 

Set Up an Appointment With a Chiropractor 

Back pain is a serious problem with kids. As high as 24% of children report back pain because of sports, heavy backpacks, uncomfortable desk seats, bad posture, and even texting! It is important to get in front of back pain before it becomes a lifelong problem. 

Schedule an appointment with a pediatric chiropractor to align your child’s back. If your child doesn’t need work, your chiropractor can still offer advice to prevent back pain as the kids head back to school. 

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Get Into Good Habits Early

Your child might have fallen into some bad habits over the summer or toward the end of the last school year. Now is the time to build out some healthy habits that your child can take with them when they go back to school. Use the summer to compile a list of fruits and vegetables that they like and that you can add to their school lunches. Also try to get into good sleeping habits, where your child turns off their phone and goes to bed early on school nights. 

Following these steps a few weeks before the start of school can help build good habits once classes start. 

Start Preparing for Back to School Now

You might think that it is too early to start getting ready for school. However, a few small steps each week can prevent you from feeling overwhelmed in the days leading up to the new school year. Start by scheduling an appointment with Florida Wellness today to make sure you’re healthy and strong for your first day. Request your appointment today.