What Is an ECG, and How Does It Work?

Your heart is one of the most important organs in the body, so heart problems can be serious and potentially fatal. As such, the ability to measure the health of your heart and check for heart problems is valued among doctors today. One way that medical professionals can evaluate the health of your heart is with an ECG. 

Let’s learn more about ECGs and how they can be used to monitor your heart health effectively. Continue reading

The Importance of Primary Care Visits

A visit to your Florida clinic doesn’t only have to be for an injury or sickness. Primary care visits at Florida Wellness Medical Group will support your long-term health and wellness. By completing your once-annual primary care visit, you can ensure that you stay up-to-date with tests and screenings and gain valuable advice from your doctor. 

Understanding Primary Care

Primary care encompasses a spectrum of medical services that will keep you healthy through every stage of life. These include:Continue reading

Save on Healthcare This Year with a Direct Primary Care Plan

save on healthcareOne of the biggest challenges that Americans face is affording healthcare. 

The average cost for an individual plan is $440 per month, while the average cost of a family plan is $1,168 per month. Many people can’t afford a high amount like that or struggle to make other payments in order to keep their family insured. 

Fortunately, there are options for families that want to save on healthcare. 

Florida Wellness offers a direct primary care plan to help patients pay for basic needs in lieu of a full healthcare care. Learn more about this option and whether it is right for you. 

What Is a Direct Primary Care Plan?

A direct primary care plan is a subscription through Florida Wellness. 

For only $49/month, you can get access to basic care, like primary care, routine check-ups, and blood work. You can easily make appointments through our office without worrying about long waits and full schedules. 

We like to compare our direct primary care plan to a gym membership. 

Instead of paying every time you use the equipment or take a class, you pay one flat fee that gives you access to everything you need. This is similar to how Florida Wellness operates. You can schedule the appointments you need without worrying about the cost each time. 

While a direct primary care plan can’t replace full health insurance, it is a valuable alternative if you need basic care for your family. You can cover routine annual costs that come with maintaining your health for a considerably more affordable price than full healthcare. 

How Can Florida Wellness Offer This Coverage?

Our team at Florida Wellness conducts thousands of diagnostic tests each year. This gives us the power to negotiate with companies as opposed to a single buyer. We can require discounts and ask for bulk pricing and then pass the savings on to our patients. Out bulk pricing takes the stress off of you from having to figure out the price of various tests because you play one flat fee instead of paying by the test. 

We also have our own pharmacy, which allows us to set our medication prices and keep them affordable for our customers. We stock many common medications that you can access through our services. 

Save On Prescriptions With Our Plan

While our direct primary care plan does not cover prescriptions, we do offer an add-on that can help you save. 

The DelivRxd plan is a $9/month option that covers several generic medications, while many brand-name medications are offered at a discount. Our internal pharmacy also allows us to offer affordable prescriptions to customers for several common medications. 

Save on Healthcare With Florida Wellness

If you want your family to have access to basic health care in 2020, but aren’t sure if you can afford a full healthcare plan, consider the direct primary care plan by Florida Wellness. 

Learn more about our plan and sign up today to save on healthcare and keep your family covered.

Have a High Deductible? No Health Insurance? Get a Direct Primary Care Plan

direct primary careMany families across Florida struggle to pay their health insurance. Whether they can’t find someone to insure them or they pay hundreds of dollars each month for minimal coverage, health insurance can be a burden to their wallets and their mental health.

There is a solution for families who stare down expensive health insurance bills each month or who don’t understand the insurance market process. If you find yourself in this situation, consider a direct primary care plan through Florida Wellness which makes sure you’re covered for less.

What Is a Direct Primary Care Plan?

A direct primary care plan is a monthly membership plan through Florida Wellness. For $49/month, you are able to schedule routine check-ups and receive appointments quickly to get the care you need.

Your direct primary care plan covers primary care services like routine blood work, school and sports physicals, sick visits, and medication refill visits. Through our plan, you don’t have to worry about covering these basic costs (typically the most-used services by patients) if you don’t have health insurance.

Our direct primary care plan is similar to a gym membership. Instead of paying to use the treadmill or paying each time you pick up a dumbbell, your membership covers the costs of the services at the gym. Through Florida Wellness, your basic annual health services are all covered.

Will This Plan Cover Prescription Medications?

One common concern that patients have is whether or not their health insurance will cover their prescription medications. Florida Wellness has also developed a solution for this.

Through DelivRxd, patients pay $9/mo for generic medications. Several generic medications are covered through this program, and most name brand medications are offered at a discount.

Some generic medications may need an additional copay if they’re more expensive than others, but the DelivRxd is a good way for the vast majority of patients to save on their routine medication so they maintain good health without breaking the bank.

How Does Florida Wellness Afford This Plan?

We order thousands of labs and tests each year, which gives us the power to negotiate discounts with processing companies. This allows us to pass the savings on to our customers and create affordable primary care plans.

Additionally, we have our own pharmacy. This allows us to set the rates for our patients to make sure they have affordable access to the medication they need.

Our goal is to help you get healthy, and you can’t do that if tests, medications, and other services are too expensive for you to use. Our plan allows you to work directly with us instead of negotiating copays and costs with your insurer.  

How Can You Get a Direct Primary Care Plan?

If you feel overwhelmed by the cost of healthcare and want a simple solution for your health needs, contact Florida Wellness Medical Group.

Ask about our direct primary care plan and how much it will cost for you and your family. We can help you get the care you need so you feel good and have peace of mind.