The Link Between Obesity and Low Back Pain

Over 40% of adults have obesity, making it one of today’s most pressing health issues. Defined as a BMI of 30 or higher, obesity has many known health complications, including low back pain. 

Below, we’ll discuss how obesity and low back pain are connected, as well as strategies for resolving your discomfort. 

How Does Obesity Contribute to Low Back Pain?

Numerous clinical studies have identified increased rates of low back pain, chronic low back pain, and disability in obese patients. A review of 95 clinical studies found that low back pain risk was directly linked to higher BMIs, and obesity is currently considered a risk factor for low back pain. 

The connection between obesity and low back pain is thought to be due to:

  • Increased impact on the spine

Excess weight increases the impact on the vertebrae of the spine when you sit, stand, walk, and move. This strain on the spinal structures can gradually lead to damage and low back pain as a result.  

  • Reduced blood flow to the spine

Obesity can cause atherosclerosis, a condition that develops when plaque accumulates in the arteries. Atherosclerosis can decrease the blood flow to the spine, which reduces the oxygen and nutrients that reach the lower back tissues. This may cause lower back pain.   

  • Chronic inflammation 

Obesity contributes to chronic, low-grade inflammation. Inflammation may cause the tissues in the lower back to swell, potentially putting pressure on nerve endings. Over time, chronic inflammation can trigger tissue damage, further exacerbating lower back pain. 

At Florida Wellness Medical Group, we offer an extensive range of non-invasive therapies to help you recover from lower back pain, including physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and acupuncture. A member of our experienced team can create a personalized treatment plan to fit your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Is Your Diet Making Your Chronic Pain Worse?

Your diet and your overall health are intrinsically linked. While many people understand the connection between diet and digestion, for example, the connection between diet and pain is less widely understood. However, if you’re one of the over 51 million Americans who experience chronic pain, your diet could be affecting your pain levels. 

Here, we’ll discuss how dietary factors can impact chronic pain – and how to eat for pain relief. 

Which Foods Worsen Chronic Pain?

Certain foods can lead to increased inflammation throughout the body. Chronic inflammation contributes to pain by causing the tissue to swell. The swollen tissue may then press on nearby nerves, triggering pain. Chronic inflammation also dampens various bodily processes, often leading to fatigue, gastrointestinal discomfort, and even weight gain. All of these effects can exacerbate chronic pain. 

Foods that can cause increased inflammation include:

  • Refined or simple carbs, such as baked goods and white bread
  • Fried food, such as french fries and other common fast food items
  • Red meat, such as steaks and hamburgers
  • Processed meats, such as hot dogs
  • Lard, shortening, and margarine

Of course, moderation is key. The foods listed above are more likely to worsen chronic pain if they’re consumed frequently or in excess. 

Eating for Chronic Pain Relief

While an unhealthy diet can worsen chronic pain, a nutrient-rich diet can help resolve it. An anti-inflammatory diet should be rich in a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean proteins.

The following foods have been specifically recognized for their anti-inflammatory benefits:

  • Olive oil
  • Fatty fish, including salmon, tuna, sardines, and mackerel
  • Tomatoes
  • Leafy green vegetables, including kale and spinach
  • Fruits, including berries, cherries, and oranges
  • Nuts, including almonds and walnuts

Chronic pain can hold you back from the activities you love the most. At Florida Wellness Medical Group, our medical experts can offer dietary advice and other treatments to start your journey to pain relief. Schedule your appointment today!

Is Spinal Decompression Therapy Right For You?

If you’re struggling with back pain, you’re certainly not alone. Back pain is extremely common among patients, with around 16 million Americans experiencing chronic back pain. If the pain is inhibiting your daily activities, seeking treatment is crucial to preserving your quality of life. 

It’s possible to achieve relief from back pain without having to undergo invasive procedures. Spinal decompression therapy is a chiropractic treatment method that could be right for you in achieving relief from back pain. It can also be a beneficial treatment option for neck and leg pain, which may often accompany back pain. While there is a surgical method of spinal decompression, it may also be performed non-surgically. Continue reading

How to Treat Neck and Back Pain After a Car Accident

Neck and Back Pain After a Car AccidentThe hours and days after an auto accident can be overwhelming and confusing. Along with contacting the insurance company and working to repair your car, you also need to focus on your physical and mental health. By caring for your body and getting the care you need, you can potentially prevent long-term pain and healing complications. 

Follow these steps to treat neck and back pain after a car accident so you can fully recover. 

#1) Get Checked Out Immediately

Minor issues could be symptoms of bigger problems. While you might just think you’re dizzy or confused, you could actually have a severe concussion or whiplash. Take the extra time to see a doctor and have them record your current health status. 

Recording any problems with your health (including any mild symptoms) can make it easier to diagnose problems in the future. These records can also help you build a case for your insurance company to cover your medical care.  

#2) Follow the Advice of Your Doctor

After you visit the doctor, follow their care directions carefully even if you feel better in the wake of the accident. For example, if they tell you to treat neck and back pain after a car accident with ice and heat, make sure you apply the right items at the right times. Follow their pain medication guidelines and seek out therapeutic massages if needed.  

Following these medically-recommended guidelines can help you heal faster. Even if you are feeling better, your body isn’t completely healed. Complete the course of treatment to make sure that you don’t re-injure yourself and have to start the process over. 

#3) Let Your Employer Know About Your Limits

Talk to your manager and let them know about the sensitive nature of your neck and back. Share the concerns from your doctor and the steps you need to care for yourself. 

Your employer may allow you to work from home where you are more comfortable or put you on light work to reduce your pain. Don’t try to work through the pain, as you could make the injury worse. 

#4) Seek Out Chiropractic Care

While you will immediately notice bruises, scrapes, and other surface-level problems after an accident, there may be some less-noticeable issues that cause you pain. You may suddenly experience back pain after sitting for long periods of time or feel like your neck has limited movement options. This is where a chiropractor steps in. 

A chiropractor can help treat neck and back pain after a car accident to limit long-term and short-term problems. These professionals will focus on your range of motion and pain management, so you can do everything you love without worrying about your pain holding you back. 

To learn more about how chiropractic care can help you after a car accident, check out this interview between Dr. Edward Leonard and Great Day Live Tampa Bay

Invest in Your Health After an Accident

Even if you think you are “just shaken up,” take time to treat neck and back pain after a car accident. Taking small steps for your treatment can help you prevent injuries from getting worse or re-injuries from cropping up. Invest in your health for long-term happiness. 

Learn more about chiropractic care and contact us to schedule an appointment. 

What To Do When Pain Shows Up Days After a Car Accident [Video]

delayed pain after a car accidentA minor car accident might seem like more of an inconvenience than a serious problem. You have to deal with the insurance paperwork, file a police report, and miss work or social activities while everything gets cleaned up.

However, a few days after the accident, it could turn into a much bigger issue if you suddenly start to feel pain. This pain can quickly become unbearable and leave you confused about what to do.

We’re here to help. If you feel delayed pain after a car accident, here’s what you need to know and what you should do.   

Delayed Pain After a Car Accident Is Common

It’s not uncommon for people to walk away from a car crash unscathed, only to start feeling pain a few hours or days later. Most people experience a wave a adrenaline when they are in an accident, which is a hormone that triggers the “fight-or-flight,” response.

Your heart races, your breathing quickens, and minor pains or problems are often overlooked.

Once your body starts to relax from the stress from the crash, you will likely feel the pain that you didn’t notice earlier. These pains can range from minor bumps and bruises to life-threatening issues.

Whiplash Causes Multiple Bodily Problems

One of the most common problems we see from car accidents is whiplash. When your body is “whipped” back and forth in a crash, it experiences small tears, damage, and spinal misalignments from the stress.

The whole body can feel pain for weeks after as it tries to get back to health after the crash. Unfortunately, many patients think they can push through whiplash, not realizing how series the injury is.  

At Florida Wellness Medical Group, we work with car accident victims who sometimes come in weeks after the accident complaining of delayed pain. We work with patients to provide medical care, often with a chiropractic focus.

Without the use of prescription drugs, physical therapy and chiropractic care after a car accident can promote complete healing, long-term pain relief, and a return to a full range of motion. This helps drivers and passengers return to health and bring their lives back to where they were before the accident.

Seek Treatment Within 14 Days of the Accident

If you start to feel any pain — even minor discomfort — as a result of your car accident, head to the doctor immediately.

According to Florida Statute 627.736, car accident victims have 14-days to get checked for personal injury and report any medical problems as a result of the accident. Within the 14-days, your insurance policy must cover at least 80% of your auto-injury treatment.  

Even if you think you’re okay, it is better to get checked out before the 14-day mark, or else you could have to pay for your treatment without the help of your insurance provider.  

Learn More About After-Accident Care

For more information, watch Florida Wellness physician, Dr. Eddie Leonard talk with Great Day Live Tampa Bay about why it’s so important to get medical attention, even after a minor accident.

Get Care Today

If you were recently in a minor crash or have noticed delayed pain after a car accident, take steps today to improve your health. Schedule an appointment with Florida Wellness to get it checked out today.

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What Can Cause Neck Pain & How a Chiropractor Can Help

The developments in technology are often viewed as wonderful things. However, with good things come bad. If you are a frequent user of your mobile device, you are probably aware of the occasional neck pain you feel if you use it for extended periods of time. Research agrees, indicating your spinal wellbeing is put at risk if you regularly use mobile devices. It’s important for you to understand why this is the case and how you can avoid injuring your spine.


What is text neck?

You could be a victim of text neck if you spend extended periods of time bending down looking at an object. This has become increasingly widespread as more and more people use smartphones. When you look down, pressure is put on your spine. The constant pressure can very well bring about neck strain and muscle injuries.

There are four main symptoms of text neck: neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, and overall pain at the end of the day.

Neck pain is probably the most common symptom of text neck. It could be when you are peering down at your phone, though it could also be throughout other times of the day.

Shoulder pain is often experienced along with neck pain, and sometimes even extends to the upper part of your back.

The pain can also go up to your head, resulting in headaches.

Finally, at the end of the day, most sufferers of text neck experienced overall pain in their muscles, whether their neck, shoulder, back, or head. They feel sore and uncomfortable.


How can I avoid text neck?

Of course, the best way to steer clear of text neck is to keep from peering down at your smartphone or other mobile devices. If you are looking down, try to keep your neck neutral. Spend some time doing stretches and moving your back and neck before you settle down to use your laptop or your phone.

If you are on a computer throughout the day, you may want to think about getting a sitting/standing desk. This way, your back can get constant movement and your spine can stay in a neutral position.


How can I treat text neck?

If text neck is your constant companion, you may need a little bit more help. Try chiropractic care. This type of treatment will address your problem at the root, helping your spine to heal and function in good condition. You could be treated with any or all of the following methods:


Spinal Adjustment

An experienced chiropractor will gently maneuver your vertebrae back into alignment so your spine can function at its best. It will also reduce the pressure on your spine and discs so that

your entire body functions better. This will also help you heal faster after injury.



Your chiropractor will also take you through a series of stretches and exercises that will release and relieve your sore muscles. You are often also recommended to do these at home.



Finally, you will be given advice and tips to prevent text neck from occuring again in the future. This way, you won’t experience pain and your spine will be healthy and strong.



Here, we pride ourselves on the natural techniques we use to aid you in relieving your pain. Methods like spinal adjustment, exercises, and professional advice can help you lead a better quality of life and recover from injuries that you may have incurred. If you’re looking for a Tampa Chiropractor, get in touch today to see how we can help!

How a Tampa Chiropractor Can Improve Your Work Life

10 Common Injuries That A Chiropractor Can Treat

If you work in an office, you probably know how taxing the workplace can be on your body. Most workplaces nowadays require you to stay in the same position for hour upon hour every day, moving in the same repetitive way. If this sounds like you, I’ll bet you’ve experienced muscle pain, back pain, and perhaps even injuries as a result. With a Tampa Chiropractor, you can experience relief. This method of treatment addresses the root of the problem and doesn’t call for any invasive procedures or pharmaceutical drugs.


Chiropractic care relieves pain for working people

Humans weren’t meant to stay still. Our bodies need to move around and shift in position throughout the day, otherwise our muscles will start feeling strained and painful. If the nature of your work requires you to sit at a desk all day, your vertebrae may be compressed, or you may even suffer from sciatica or text neck. Even those of you who have to stand for several hours may experience pain that runs from your legs all the way up to your back.

The professionals at Florida Wellness Medical Group is well-trained to deal with this type of injury. You may be treated with a spinal adjustment to help realign the vertebrae of your back and decompress your spine. You will also learn some exercises to do at home and at your office so that you can experience less back pain.


Chiropractic care helps you recover from workplace injury

No matter where you work, injuries are a possibility. It may range from pain in the lower region of your back from bad lifting technique, to neck aches from straining your neck over your desk. Our skilled chiropractors treat every problem uniquely, addressing the root in order to relieve the pain and keep you from experiencing that same injury.

On your first visit, we will take you through a full body examination and ask you questions to determine the origin of the problem. Once that is known, then a course of treatment can be set.


Chiropractic care aids in preventing further pain in the workplace

It isn’t enough to just treat the pain. Sometimes, modifications need to be made to your workspace so that you don’t have to put your body under strain in the first place. Oftentimes it’s just a matter of a small pillow placed at the right place. Sometimes it’s an improvement in lighting, a raising of your computer monitor, a reminder to take more walking breaks, or even a soft mat to stand on. These small, subtle changes can make a major change in your comfort.


Contact Florida Wellness Group Today

Chiropractic care does more than just treat your symptoms. It helps you prevent further musculoskeletal injury. Techniques like spinal adjustment, take-home exercises, small workplace modifications, and professional advice will help you live a better quality of life than ever! If you’re looking for a Chiropractor in Tampa, then we are the ideal solution.

10 Common Injuries That A Chiropractor Can Treat

Chiropractic care is often seen as the treatment for back pain. A lot of people don’t realize that it can be a great way to treat quite a few different things as well. It definitely isn’t a replacement for a doctor if you need one, but it can be a wonderful way to treat some injuries or musculoskeletal pain.

10 Common Injuries That A Chiropractor Can Treat

Chiropractors believe that by aligning your spine, your body can recover from a number of different conditions without needing medication or surgery. These professionals may use their hands or some instruments to make adjustments to your musculoskeletal system and help your joints and muscles to move more effectively. Often a patient has suffered a tissue injury and have limited mobility as a result. Chiropractic care is a great way to increase mobility and reduce the pain of not only your muscles, but also your joints and ligaments.

Read on for some common injuries that can be greatly eased when their treatment is supplemented with chiropractic care.

  1. Sciatica

People who suffer from sciatica have pain in their lower backs and legs as a result of the inflammation of their sciatic nerve running from their lower spine down to their feet. This is one of the most prevalent nerve issues that chiropractic care is able to treat.

  1. Hamstring strains

This sports injury is basically inevitable for most athletes. Luckily, it is also very treatable with chiropractic care. Most of the time, professionals will choose to adjust the body to mobilize joints, do some targeted work on the scar tissue, and stretch out the muscles. Additionally, they will take a look at any muscular imbalances one may have, as it is one of the major reasons people strain their hamstrings the first place.

  1. Lower back strains

People who strain their lower backs usually get chiropractic care to lessen pain and promote mobility. Additionally, most chiropractors will teach you exercises that will strengthen your lower back, saving you from another strain.

  1. Neck pain

There are a myriad of reasons that people suffer from neck pain. It could be a cervical sprain, whiplash, or just a particularly trying desk job. Chiropractors help to adjust your musculoskeletal system back into place, relax or stimulate specific muscles, and assign you exercises to prevent it from happening again.

  1. Scoliosis

A great number of people in the world suffer from scoliosis. A spinal curve of more than 10 degrees can be treated with chiropractic care. First, the chiropractor will assess your medical history and posture, and maybe take a few x-rays. Once again, spinal adjustments and different exercises will contribute to your healing.

  1. 10 Common Injuries That A Chiropractor Can TreatCarpal Tunnel Syndrome

This condition is one that is commonly associated with desk jobs. Indeed, it is easy to compress the median nerve in your hand and wrist with repetitive finger use and too many wrist motions. Chiropractic care is a highly recommended way to treat this pain.

  1. Rotator cuff injury

This is another highly prevalent injury, often seen in people who excessively rotate or put too much pressure on their wrists, whether during sports or not. Chiropractors will probably help you strengthen, stretch, and mobilize the area, eventually enabling you to live life pain-free.

  1. Bursitis

Some people experience pain in their hips when their bursa is inflamed. With chiropractic care, patients can enjoy better mobility and less pain in their legs, hips, and lower back.

  1. Pregnancy-related lower back pain

A great number of expecting mothers put up with persistent lower back pain during their pregnancies. By adjusting the pelvis, these individuals can experience lower levels of pain. Chiropractors will also give them exercises that they can do at home to relieve any pain they feel.

  1. Herniated disc

Research indicates that chiropractic care is an excellent treatment for herniated discs. In just a couple months, patients report major improvements.

The aforementioned injuries are just the tip of the iceberg of conditions that chiropractic care can help in. If you are suffering from pain or have been injured, you should definitely visit a medical doctor first. Chiropractic care is usually an excellent supplementary treatment. For the best results, make sure you select the most reputable professional chiropractor in your locale.

If you have some pains that can be solved with chiropractic care, check out the Florida Wellness Medical Group! Being able to experience a higher quality of life has never been easier. We are based in Tampa, FL. If you’re looking for a Tampa Chiropractor come visit today!

4 Reasons Why You Would Benefit From Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic therapy is a treatment that many seek as a substitute or a supplement for pharmaceutical or surgical care. The majority of cancer survivors that have regular chiropractic sessions do so to relieve pain, discomfort, and stress, as well as to better their moods and sleep cycles.

Chiropractic care is not merely to alleviate pain. Rather, it enhances your overall quality of life through helping the central nervous system, and therefore your muscles, work better. There are a whole host of advantages gained through chiropractic care – perhaps you or a loved one may find that it is exactly what you need.

Here are a few major reasons that chiropractic care may be for you.

1 – Boosts Athletic Performance

4 Reasons Why You Would Benefit From Chiropractic TherapyWhether you are an Olympian or an average Joe who jogs a few mornings a week, you can gain from a chiropractor who specialize in treatment related to sports. They have the expertise when it comes to flexing your joints, soft tissue, muscles, and spine in order to shorten recovery and avoid or reduce the symptoms for injuries such as strains, and even shock.

These doctors are able to help you learn better techniques for your sports, and aid you in developing a stretching routine for you to avoid getting hurt and to heal faster.

2 – Relieves Headaches

Do you often suffer from tension around your head and neck? Sometimes the pain can be so severe as to have an effect on your quality of life, even preventing you from doing the things you would like to do. Poor posture and irregular neck movement can intensity the pain you feel after a day at work.

With chiropractic care, you can benefit from the elimination of obstruction in your back and neck. That way, your head will not feel tense as often. Even when it does, it won’t hurt as severely.

3 – Boosts Immune System

Chiropractic care is focused on the spine and central nervous system, which is closely related with the immune system. You are not able to recover as quickly from illness if the signaling pathways between your nervous and immune systems are hindered.

Through chiropractic manipulation, these hindrances are removed from the pathways, allowing your body to heal more quickly.

4 – Enhances Overall Health

4 Reasons Why You Would Benefit From Chiropractic TherapyMany health issues, even those that don’t seem related to the spine, can be relieved or prevented through chiropractic care. Your sleep can even be improved via decompression movements.

Gastrointestinal Issues: People of all ages suffer from problems related to their digestive system. These are things such as colic, constipation, heartburn, and acid reflux. The most prevalent gastrointestinal issue around the globe is irritable bowel syndrome.

Cancer: People are becoming more and more aware of how to lower their risk of developing cancer. Some of the first and most widespread symptoms of cancer include musculoskeletal pain and terrible headaches – chiropractic care is able to treat both.

A whopping 7 out of 10 people who suffer from cancer, be it lung, thyroid, breast, kidney, or prostate cancer, have had it spread to their bones. Rather than choose to medicate, some have chosen to have chiropractic care, to great effects.

If you are looking for a solution for chiropractic care, check out the Florida Wellness Medical Group! Being able to experience a higher quality of life has never been easier, we are based in Tampa, FL. If you’re looking for a Tampa Chiropractor come visit today!


How Chiropractic Care Can Cure Your Neck Pain

Neck pain is legitimate, and often extremely painful. The source can be any number of things, and there are many treatment options. Isolating the root of the pain and therefore the method of treatment can be challenging because it could be as a result of tense muscles, a pinched nerve, or even a vertebra moving out of alignment.

Most of the time, neck pain does not require pharmaceutical or surgical care. That being said, if it is not addressed and the neck pain is not alleviated, it can become a lot worse and you may be left with the two as your only options. If you would like to relieve your neck of pain without involving any drugs or surgery, consider chiropractic treatment.

Types of neck pain that especially benefit from chiropractic care:

  • Minor spinal disc injuries
  • Injuries involving cervical sprains
  • Whiplash
  • Vertebra out of alignment
  • Degenerative joint problems

Prior to treatment, a chiropractor will carry out a physical test and take note of your medical history. This information will allow the chiropractor to better understand the background information needed for a treatment plan that is custom made just for you.

The examination will not only involve your neck, but your entire back and spine. This is because neck pain does not always originate from the neck. Often, the root lies in a different location. It could be poor lifestyle habits such as nutrition and stress, or bad posture and inadequate movement. The curvature and alignment of your spine will be noted, and your muscular strength and reflexes will be tested. All this information will be added to your background information to help with your tailored treatment program.

As mentioned, neck pain does not always come as a result of falling on your neck or experiencing a strong impact on your head. It is more commonly a result of sitting too long, aging, movements with the same motion, and the normal breaking down of our neck and spine.

New patients will be assessed in our office to determine whether your pain is something we can treat. If yours is a non-surgical case and something that we are able to treat, we will begin to put together a treatment plan right after identifying the root cause. There may be questions that the chiropractor chooses to ask – where is your pain? When does it rise or fade? How much does it hurt?

A treatment plan may involve spinal adjustments, massage therapy, physical therapy exercises, and exercises for you to do at home.

Chiropractic treatment is holistic, and will involve every part of your life. To experience the best results, you will have to follow guidelines regarding food, exercise, and other activities. Besides that, you will have to attend chiropractic treatment sessions as scheduled.

Manipulation of your spine and muscles is done by different techniques. Some use soft touch to enhance range of motion. Some use a handheld instrument. This special instrument allows for a light pressure to be placed upon the area without unnecessary pressure on the spine. This technique is particularly useful for both upper and lower back pain.

Joint stretching and massaging of the muscle also involves either hands or instruments.

Besides treatment with these handheld instruments, chiropractic care may also involve treatments with Interferential Electrical Stimulation, which is when your neck muscles are stimulated with currents of a low frequency. Ultrasound is also sometimes used to relieve tension in muscles.

You may be given an exercise routine to follow. These routines will not only relieve pain, but enhance your range of motion. Your recovery will be greatly enhanced if you carry out these prescribed exercises at home.

The treatment that chiropractic care is best known for is cervical manipulation, also known as neck adjustments. This is when a chiropractor uses their hands to adjust the joints in your neck. You will experience less tension and an improved range of motion, followed by an alleviation of pain.

If you are looking for a solution to your neck pain, check out the Florida Wellness Medical Group today! Being able to experience a higher quality of life has never been easier, get in touch today to see how we can help.