Don’t Listen to Flu Shot Myths! Get Vaccinated This Year

flu shot mythsGetting a flu shot is an important step to stay healthy through the winter and protect your loved ones. While it only takes a few minutes to get a flu vaccine, there are dozens of myths and misconceptions that prevent people from getting it. 

These flu shot myths are dangerous. 

Without the vaccine, you could be at risk of catching the flu and even getting hospitalized because of it. Don’t listen to these common flu shot myths. It’s time to bust these untruths to keep your friends and family healthy. 

Myth: Flu Shots Don’t Work

Each year, people claim that the flu shot is “ineffective” and only covers certain strains. There are also stories about people who got a flu vaccine but got sick anyway. This leads to the myth that the flu shot is ineffective and a waste of time. 

Studies show that getting vaccinated reduces your flu risk by 40-60%, that’s not an insignificant amount. Plus, if you do catch the flu even with your vaccine, your symptoms will likely be milder and last a shorter period of time than if you didn’t get a shot.  

Myth: Flu Shots Cause the Flu

This is a flu shot myth where people claim that the side effects from the vaccine will be just as bad as the flu itself. While some people may experience fatigue, headache, or fever shortly after the injection, the side effects aren’t nearly as bad as getting the flu. In fact, the majority of people only experience mild soreness at the injection site for a few hours after. 

Myth: You Don’t Need a Flu Shot if You’re Healthy

Many people believe that if they eat well and have a good immune system then they don’t need their flu shot. However, the flu affects many strong and healthy people each year. Not only that, but you could pass the flu on to those who are unable to get vaccinated, like the elderly, small children, and people with compromised immune systems. This could be deadly for them. 

Getting a flu shot is part of herd immunity. You will stop the spread of disease to protect others who are vulnerable. 

Myth: You Don’t Need a Flu Shot if You Got One Last Year

One of the most prevalent flu shot myths is the idea that your vaccine from last year will protect you this year. Flu strains are constantly evolving, and the vaccine that protected you last year might not be effective against this year’s strain. Make a point to get a flu shot each year to stay protected. 

Ignore Flu Shot Myths and Schedule Your Vaccine Appointment 

The CDC recommends getting your flu vaccine by the end of October. 

However, getting vaccinated can be beneficial even if you get it in January or beyond. Flu season can last as late as May, so a quick shot can protect you for almost nine months. 

At Florida Wellness, we offer flu vaccines as part of our Primary Care services. Schedule an appointment today to get your flu shot, along with a wellness checkup to make sure you are healthy and happy with your body. 

Why You Need a Primary Care Doctor & How to Find the Right One

primary care doctorWhen was the last time you visited a doctor? If you’re like many Americans, you head to urgent care or the ER when something is wrong, but otherwise don’t schedule regular check-ups or preventative care. According to one report by the Kaiser Family Foundation, roughly 28% of men and 17% of women don’t have a primary care doctor. 

There are significant benefits to having a primary care doctor – and not just when you are sick. Your doctor can take preventative steps and catch problems early on. Plus, you have a central place for your medical care. 

If you don’t have a primary care doctor, it’s time to get one. 

Here’s how you can take the first steps to find the right one.  

Why Do You Need a Primary Care Doctor?

Most people think of doctor’s visits in two ways: sick or healthy. However, your primary care doctor treats your health on a spectrum. You may still need to visit the doctor when you are healthy so you can get healthier. A few of the services that primary care doctors help with include:

This is just the tip of the iceberg for what your primary care doctor can do for you. Their job is to be your top resource for health and wellness concerns.   

How to Find the Right Primary Care Doctor for You

If you want to start going to a primary care doctor, then you need to find one that is right for you. Here are a few criteria to consider when finding an office for direct primary care:

  • Your doctor accepts your insurance. Insurance is one of the top drivers of doctor choice. Ask potential doctors up-front if they accept your insurance. 
  • Your doctor is nearby. If you have to drive across town to find your doctor, then you are more likely to put off follow-up visits or regular appointments. Plus, no one wants to drive an hour when they feel sick. 
  • The office has positive recommendations. The Internet has dozens of resources for getting primary care doctor recommendations. Read online reviews or ask your friends for doctors they suggest. 
  • You can easily schedule an appointment. You shouldn’t have to wait several months to see your doctor. See if the staff is willing to find time to bring you in. 
  • The office staff makes you feel  welcome and comfortable. The closest primary care doctor that takes your insurance isn’t always the best. You should be able to trust your doctor and the rest of the staff. Find somewhere else if you feel uncomfortable.  

If your doctor is hard to get to or treats you poorly, then you’re less likely to go. Take your time to find someone who works for you. 

Schedule an Appointment with Florida Wellness

If you’ve been letting your annual appointments and wellness checks slide, schedule an appointment with Florida Wellness primary care todayThis will create a base for your health and give you a home to turn to when you’re sick. We can’t wait to meet you!

Why You Should Get A Flu Shot This Fall

Even with local clinics and hospitals advertising the need for flu shots annually, not even half of the adult population in the United States have gone to get it in the past few years. Clearly, those advertisements aren’t working all that well and people aren’t thoroughly convinced that they need an annual flu vaccine.


If you aren’t all that certain that you need a flu vaccine this year, here are five reasons why you should go get one:


1 – The flu can’t be compared to the common cold

There are hundreds of thousands of Americans who are admitted into the hospital every year as a result of seasonal influenza virus infections. There are even people who pass away as a result of such infections. This illness should not be underestimated. It may seem like something inconvenient rather than harmless, but I assure you that it can be more serious than you think.


If you have a history of asthma, diabetes, heart conditions, HIV, AIDS, or cancer, you are particularly susceptible to the flu. So are pregnant women and elderly people who are more than 65 years of age.


2 – You can prevent flu-related illness with a flu vaccine

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say that the most effective way to keep you from coming down with flu-related illnesses and ending up in the hospital is by getting a flu vaccine. How effective the vaccine is may change from year to year, as different flu strains may not be as protected against depending on what is going around that year. However, a flu vaccine is still your best bet against coming down with a flu-related illness.


3 – The vaccine that you need now may not be the same as you needed last year

During the past two years, the CDC recommended injectable influenza vaccines and discouraged use of nasal sprays. This means that as of now, inactivated influenza vaccines and recombinant influenza vaccines are more needed than live attenuated influenza vaccines. Both trivalent and quadrivalent flu vaccines remain available to the public.


Trivalent (three component) flu vaccines include:

  • Standard dose IIV3 shots produced with viruses cultured in eggs – different for different age groups
  • High dose shots for people over 65 years of age
  • Egg-free shots for those over 18 years of age
  • Shots made with adjuvant that will strengthen immune response for people over 65 years of age


Quadrivalent (four component) flu vaccines include:

  • Standard dose shots for just about every age group
  • Intradermal shots in the skin rather in the muscle for those over 18 and under 64 years of age
  • Shots with viruses grown in cell cultures for people over 4 years of age


4 – Last year’s shot won’t protect you this year

There’s a reason why you are recommended to get a flu shot every year. Your immune response reduces over time and will not protect you after a while, so it’s important for your body to get a refresher. Additionally, flu vaccine formulas are always being modified based on what virus is going around that year so much like you would update your computer antivirus for the most recent protection, you must update your body with the most recent flu protection.


5 – Insurance will probably cover it

The majority of health plans cover flu vaccines thanks to the Affordable Care Act mandating for them to cover preventive care. Do check the terms of your plan – some require that you get yours by a health care provider that is a part of the company’s network.


There are quite a few types of flu vaccines available for you to get every year. The most important thing, however, is that you commit to getting one. Don’t assume that you’ll never come down with the flu. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


The Florida Wellness Medical Group is based in Tampa, Florida – need your flu shot this Fall? Come on down to see how we can help.

Advantages of Alternative Medicine

Alternative medical practices are gaining traction across the US. Whether you want a solution for your aching neck, inflamed knees, sagging skin or receding hairline, a variety of traditional therapies can offer a healing touch. From acupuncture to herbal medicine, there seems to be a solution for every ailment. Approximately 38 percent of adults and around 12 percent of children are using some form of traditional therapies. So what are the reasons behind their tremendous popularity? Read on to know.

Holistic Care

These therapies take up a comprehensive and integrated approach to health care. They take both your mind and body into consideration while treating an ailment. This holistic approach is one of the main reasons behind its soaring popularity.

Focus on Prevention

The alternative school of medicine is premised on the old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ and therefore encourages patients to follow healthy lifestyle practices. Unlike the standard western medical practice, which intervenes only when a person falls ill, alternative medicine recommends ‘well visits’ to address the ‘issue’ even before it occurs.

Virtually Side Effect-free

Herbal medications have fewer side effects than pharmaceutical drugs. They are also safer to use over time.

Can Be Used with Chronic Conditions

Instead of using strong chemical formula, these therapies emphasize on making dietary and other lifestyle changes to treat different physical conditions. People with chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular complications or liver dysfunction, can also opt for these therapies.

Less Expensive

Alternative treatments cost lot less than prescription medicines. The high price of these medicines can be attributed to their huge investments in research, testing, and marketing. The medicines in alternative health care are mostly herb-based, and since herbs cost lot less than laboratory-produced drugs, alternative medicine tends to be more affordable.


Yet another advantage of herbal medicines is their widespread availability. In some remote parts of the world, herbal medicine is the only option for the majority of people. Know why? Because they grow virtually everywhere and is easily available.

People have been using these time-tested therapies for thousands of years. However, It’s always advisable to contact a trained practitioner before undergoing any form of alternative medical treatment. If you are planning to try the alternative path, get in touch with us. We specialize in many holistic treatments.