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Celebrate American Heart Month by Boosting Heart Health and Preventing Disease

Heart HealthFebruary is American Heart Month, a time to focus on the reliable ticker in your chest that pumps away and keeps you alive.

The team at Florida Wellness is deeply invested in heart health care. We know that prevention is often the key to detecting and intervening in a patient’s health before their problems become serious.

Here are three ways you can prevent disease by getting your heart checked in the next few weeks.

1. See If You Have a Disposition for Heart Disease

Your lifestyle plays a major role in your heart health, but there are also outside factors and risks associated with your heart. The CDC reports that genetics is a big part of heart disease, along with age, gender, and ethnicity.

Use American Heart Month as a reminder to talk with your family to learn what diseases run in your family and see if you should consult a doctor. The CDC even has a heart disease quiz you can take. Click here to take it.

Even if you are considered very healthy, knowing that you have a disposition for heart disease can help you prevent serious problems in the future. Have these discussions with your family so you don’t discover any surprises in the future.

2. Consider Cell Testing

When people think about disease prevention, they often picture dozens of tests and endless expenses. Fortunately, there is one key test that we can run to determine if you are at risk for certain disease or have any problems developing in your heart.

Cell testing is the process of drawing blood from patients to analyze the cells, rather than the plasma. It allows for a deeper analysis and helps doctors catch a variety of risk factors related heart disease as well as:

  • Cancer
  • Pain
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • And more

We recommend cell testing for almost every patient to help identify potential problems early on. Whether you catch a problem a few months or several decades before it manifests, it makes a big difference in treatment. Simply knowing that you are at risk for various problems can help you prevent them in the future.

3. Participate in Heart Healthy Activities

Whether you need to monitor your heart health because of your genetics or because you are looking for a lifestyle change, use February to begin to add some activities to your life that contribute to heart health.

Talk to your doctor to see if they can recommend a few steps to improve your heart health.

They may recommend exercising at least 30 minutes per day or suggest changes to your diet to include heart healthier foods. The good news is that you can do many of these steps as a family. When your kids see you exercising and join in, they will develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Prioritize Your Heart Health

Your heart keeps you going every day, so why not give back and check to make sure it is healthy this month. Focus on your heart and your health so you can keep living your best life.

Schedule an appointment at Florida Wellness today and ask about cell testing and preventative care options that help keep your heart healthy. Call 813-347-9720 today or click here to schedule your appointment.