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How Chiropractic Care Can Treat a Car Accident Whiplash Injury

As every car accident is different, your chiropractic treatment would be unique as well. Contact our team of experts to create a treatment plan that you need for a quick recovery... Call (844) 935-5669 for an appointment.

What’s your first reaction to prevent a possible car crash? Slamming on the brakes long and hard, perhaps. You might avoid the collision or you might not. But, what you can rarely bypass is a sudden forward and backward movement of your head and injuries to your spine known as whiplash. It doesn’t matter if you were wearing your seatbelt or how severe the impact was. You can anyway end up with a whiplash injury when in a car crash. The symptoms of such injuries can have a varying effect ranging from mild pain, neck stiffness, dizziness and burning sensation to memory loss, depression and concentration impairment. The Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine highlighted a study that proves the benefit of Chiropractic treatment in curing whiplash injuries. Even doctors are now referring car accident victims to chiropractors after receiving their first aid. Here is what you can expect from your chiropractor in case you walk in with a whiplash injury:

1. Muscle Relaxation as Treatment

Rapid flexion and extension of your spine during car accidents can injure your muscles in the neck, shoulder, and back area. Chiropractic treatment can stretch the tensed and rigid muscles to alleviate pain. These stretches can reduce the pain and tightness in the neck, initiating the path to healing and wellness.

2. Sensorimotor Activities

These exercises can reform any alignment problem in your spine while allowing the body to heal itself. The right spine alignment can stabilize your neck muscles to handle the movement patterns more fluidly without pain. These chiropractic exercises and activities can treat any major trauma to the neck area that can impair movement.

3. Lifestyle Change Suggestions

One or more chiropractic treatment options can be initiated to cure whiplash injuries faster. It may include several changes to the lifestyle combined with any other chiropractic treatment pattern to restore health successfully. These activities focus on how to go about doing daily work without putting strain on the injured area of the body. Practicing such activities can help your body to work well and cure ailments faster.

The main purpose of this treatment is to restore health by releasing pressure and pain from your body and by realigning your spine. As every car accident is different, your chiropractic treatment for whiplash injury would be unique as well. Contact us and our team of experts would guide you to a treatment plan that you need for a quick recovery.