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Chronic Fatigue: Can a Chiropractor Help?

Chronic fatigue affects millions of people around this world. This condition has recently been accepted as an official medical condition, and it can be disruptive to day-to-day life. That said, chiropractic care is a promising treatment solution for chronic fatigue and may help patients gain higher energy levels. 

What Is Chronic Fatigue?

Chronic fatigue, or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), is a condition that causes severe and persistent fatigue. This condition is unlike other types of fatigue in that it can’t be pinpointed as a symptom of a different, underlying health condition. 

Chronic fatigue can be difficult to diagnose and treat. Its causes can be tricky to identify, although it may be triggered by factors including:

  • Compromised immune health
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Stress
  • Viral infection

Women are much more likely to develop chronic fatigue than men. Genetics, your environment, and allergies can also play a role in your likelihood for developing chronic fatigue. 

Chronic fatigue syndrome can only be diagnosed by a physician if the patient has been experiencing difficulty performing daily tasks due to fatigue for six months or more. This can inhibit  treatment in the early stages of the condition for those suffering from chronic fatigue, but chiropractic care can be a way for those with chronic fatigue to achieve non-invasive relief without an official diagnosis. 

Chronic Fatigue and Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care centers around the nervous system and the spine. These parts of the body can be the root of neurological issues, including chronic fatigue. After all, one of the functions of the nervous system is to create energy sending signals to the brain. These signals travel from the brain to the spinal cord, then spread throughout the body. 

Chiropractic Care from Florida Wellness

When you visit Florida Wellness Medical Group for chronic fatigue treatment, we’ll help you achieve relief from chronic fatigue through manual adjustments to realign the spine. These adjustments can reawaken the nervous system and promote higher energy levels. 

Our trained chiropractors can also provide nutritional advice and lifestyle recommendations to ease chronic fatigue. An optimal diet and gentle, gradual physical activity can increase energy levels and improve your overall wellbeing. 

One of the main benefits of chiropractic care for chronic fatigue is that it’s non-invasive and doesn’t involve prescription medication. It’s a safer, gentler treatment method for chronic pain that can produce exceptional results. 

Contact Florida Wellness Medical group today to schedule an appointment at our chiropractic center. We’ll work to help you find relief from chronic fatigue.