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Did You Know Acupuncture Benefits Could Help You With These 4 Health Goals?

The start of the year is a time for setting goals and thinking about how you want to improve in future. From the desire to lose weight to kicking a bad habit like smoking, people across the globe are setting resolutions and working to improve their health in 2019.

One tool you can use to help you reach your health goals is acupuncture.

There are many acupuncture benefits that can help you mentally, physically, and emotionally. Let’s explore a few top health goals to see how acupuncture plays a role in achieving them.

Acupuncture Benefits

Lose Weight

Many of our patients ask about acupuncture benefits for weight loss at the start of the new year. It’s a great resolution as losing weight can boost your self-esteem, give you more energy, and reduce health risks.

When combined with improved diet and exercise, acupuncture can assist with your weight loss goals.

Acupuncture affects the neuroendocrine system, helping to stabilize hormones and other chemicals in your body. This makes cravings less intense and prevents your body from demanding food to overcome stressful or emotional situations. Through acupuncture, you are less likely to “fall off the wagon” on your diet.  

Decrease Stress

The American Psychological Association reports that more Americans report being more stressed now than five years ago. About half of Americans are worried about their job security, along with other stress sources like money and family, to the detriment of their health.  

One of the main acupuncture benefits that people notice is lower stress levels.

Patients often experience a calming sensation that makes them feel more relaxed. Plus, taking 30 minutes to yourself a few times per month is a great way to practice self-care.

Become Less Dependent on Caffeine

Are you groggy and cranky until you have a cup of coffee in the morning? Do you need a soda or energy drink to pick you up in the afternoon? Not only are caffeinated drinks high in sugar and empty calories, but they can also create a dependency that is hard to break.

Acupuncture can help you decrease your dependency on caffeine by helping your restore in your energy in a more natural way.

Many people use acupuncture treatment to fight chronic fatigue and report higher levels of energy as a result of its use.

Reduce Sugar Intake

Similar to caffeine consumption, some Americans can’t seem to put down the sweets. From munching on candies during the day to always ordering dessert, a sugar addiction can hurt your weight loss goals while negatively impacting other systems of the body.

Acupuncture can be used to calm your sugar cravings.

This treatment targets the central nervous system, managing anxiety and triggers that make you want sugar. It can also help regulate blood sugar, restoring balance and reducing the high you get from sugar consumption.  

Use Acupuncture to Support Your New Health Goals

If you are ready to take the first steps to reach your health goals, contact Florida Wellness and ask about our acupuncture options that can support your efforts.

We offer acupuncture membership programs for customers that are tailored to your needs and focused on your goals. We can help you get healthy in the new year! Learn more about our acupuncture membership programs.