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Don’t Drink Your Fruits

‘Buy a bottle of apple juice and get another FREE’ – You will come across a number of such luring offers in the supermarket. Of course, these are quite lucrative discounts and tempting at the same time. But have you ever wondered why you do not get such options while buying fresh fruits from the store? The answer is straight and simple; it’s pure and real without preservatives. Most of the bottled juices you buy are filled with chemicals that prevent the decaying process for some time. But as the expiration date approaches the stores prefer to get rid of the stock. As you can guess, the expected health benefit is almost zero.

Fruit juice is healthy, only if you make it on your own.

Why should You Eat Your Fruit?

Fruits, in general, have lots of vitamins, fiber and water. Consuming fruits regularly can improve your blood pressure, minimize cancer risk as well as reduce the chances of cardiovascular disease. Fruits help to develop a strong immune system due to their high β-carotene content. According to scientists from Britain, Singapore, and the Harvard School of Public Health, eating fruits can lower the risk of developing type 2 Diabetes. However, if you drink the same in the form of juice, the impact is just the opposite; it can increase the risk much more.

What Does Juicing Do to Your Fruit?

The moment the fruit is converted into juice, the cell walls break letting out natural sugar. Plus, fruit juice contains almost no fiber, and as you know, fiber plays an important role in digestion. Besides, fibers also reduce the absorption of fruit sugar, and when that fiber is missing, you can expect more sugar in your system.

Eating fruits is always the healthier option. Even when you crave fruit juice, go for the homemade alternatives rather than the ones available in the market. Need some more guidance on a healthy lifestyle? Contact our wellness experts today.