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Fractures and dislocations are among the most common sports injuries. Whether you’re a dedicated athlete or simply enjoy an active lifestyle, these injuries can quickly take you out of commission.

At Florida Wellness Medical Group, we provide expert care for fractures and dislocations. No matter the severity of your injury, we’re here to help you make a complete, lasting recovery.

What is a Fracture?

A fracture occurs when a bone is hit with enough force to break it. This may result from a single trauma or, in the case of stress fractures, repetitive impact on a bone. Many different types of bone fractures exist, and they vary in complexity.

Some of the most common symptoms of a bone fracture include:

What is a Dislocation?

A dislocation occurs when one of the bones in a joint pops out of its normal position. This is one of the most prevalent sports injuries and it can affect virtually any joint in the body, though the shoulder is the most commonly affected.

Dislocations are not only painful, but can also damage the tissues around the joint, including the muscles, tendons, nerves, and blood vessels. Proper care after a joint dislocation is essential to avoid future injury to the affected joint.

Ongoing Care for Fractures and Dislocations

At Florida Wellness Medical Group, we offer the following services to help you heal, regain strength, and return to your normal activities after a fracture or dislocation:

The team at Florida Wellness Medical Group will be by your side through every stage of the recovery, helping you regain strength and mobility while preventing future injuries. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment!

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