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How Skin Scratch Testing Can Help Improve Your Life

An undiagnosed allergy can diminish your quality of life. Oftentimes, allergy symptoms are difficult to decipher and can be written off as something they’re not. By identifying what’s really causing your allergy symptoms, however, your physician can get you on the path to recovery. 

One effective method of identifying allergies is through skin scratch testing. This tried-and-true allergy test can reveal the exact substances that are causing your allergies so that you can get relief from uncomfortable symptoms. 

What is Skin Scratch Testing?

In skin scratch testing, a small amount of a substance is placed into the skin through a small scratch or prick. Within about 20 minutes, if you’re allergic to the substance, the skin will react to it. After those 20 minutes, the results will be recorded and the substances are wiped away with alcohol, which prevents any lasting discomfort. 

In adults, skin scratch testing is typically performed on the inner forearm. This safe, sensitive, and quick method of allergy testing is an excellent way to identify allergens. Since multiple allergens can be tested at once on different areas of the forearm, skin scratch testing is highly efficient. 

Skin Scratch Testing to Improve Your Quality of Life

With skin scratch testing, you can get to the root of troublesome allergy symptoms quickly. For many people, allergies cause uncomfortable symptoms that may even be disruptive to their daily routines. The only way to prevent allergic reactions is to identify the allergen and start an allergy treatment plan. Since skin scratch testing can test several allergens at once, it can identify one or multiple allergy triggers within just 20 minutes!

Allergy treatment may include avoiding the allergen, allergy shots, medication, or immunotherapy. After skin scratch testing, your physician will develop an individual treatment plan so that you no longer have to suffer from uncomfortable allergy symptoms. 

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