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Is Your Calcium Intake Strengthening Your Bones?

You probably already know that calcium is good for your bones and it also helps in keeping osteoporosis at bay. But, are you sure that the calcium you are taking is finding its way to your bones? Calcium alone cannot work wonders in keeping your bones healthy and maintaining bone density. It can only reach its full bone-building potential if your body has enough vitamin D and vitamin K.

Vitamin D

Calcium and vitamin D work together to protect your bones. Calcium helps in building and maintaining bone strength, while vitamin D helps your body to absorb calcium effectively. So, even if you are taking enough of this bone-building mineral, it might be less beneficial if you are deficient in vitamin D.

While sunlight on the skin helps the body produce vitamin D, the negative effects of sunrays on the skin combined with geographical/climate conditions may make it difficult for you to get enough solar exposure. One of the best alternatives is to turn to food sources such as egg yolk, fatty fish, vitamin D-fortified milk, and a multi-vitamin or vitamin D supplements. Some calcium supplements also contain vitamin D.

Vitamin K

If your source of calcium does not reach your bones, it eventually enters your arteries. This increases the level of arterial calcification and increases the risk of coronary heart diseases and heart attacks. Vitamin K plays an essential role in regulating calcium in your body and in bone formation. It modifies a protein called MGP to prevent calcium from building up in your veins and blocking blood flow to your heart. You can get sufficient vitamin K from green, leafy vegetables like spinach and kale.

Counting on milk alone may not be enough for adequate vitamin D fulfilment. You need a balanced diet to ensure that you are also getting those nutrients that can ensure the calcium reaches your bones. Contact Florida Wellness Medical Group for more health tips and to learn if your body has all the essential nutrients in the right proportion.