How Skin Scratch Testing Can Help Improve Your Life

An undiagnosed allergy can diminish your quality of life. Oftentimes, allergy symptoms are difficult to decipher and can be written off as something they’re not. By identifying what’s really causing your allergy symptoms, however, your physician can get you on the path to recovery.  One effective method of identifying allergies is through skin scratch testing. This tried-and-true allergy test can reveal the exact substances that are causing your allergies so that you can get relief

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Heart Disease: What Are the Differences in Men and Women?

Heart disease is a term used to describe any condition that impacts the heart or its blood vessels. Since heart disease comes in many forms, it can vary greatly from person to person. That said, there are several notable differences in heart disease in men when compared to heart disease in women. This article will discuss these differences and how they impact the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. Heart Disease Symptoms Men and women

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How Often Should Men Have a Prostate Screening?

As one of the most common types of cancer among men, prostate cancer is routinely screened for. This type of cancer is highly treatable when identified early, which further increases the importance of regular prostate screenings.  Understanding the right time to start having prostate screenings will help you protect your health as you age. Here, we’ll discuss prostate screenings and how often men should undergo them.  Understanding Prostate Screenings Prostate screenings are intended to detect

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What Are Common Screenings Done During a Health Check-Up?

Health check-ups are important throughout every stage of life to prevent disease and ensure your overall wellness. During a check-up, your doctor may perform screenings for various diseases and conditions. These screenings are intended to identify health conditions in their early stages before you experience symptoms so that they can be treated as effectively as possible. 

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Five Preventive Services

Five Preventive Services You Should Receive

Maintaining your long-term health and wellbeing is possible with preventive care services. While not all medical conditions are avoidable, many of the risk factors of diseases and conditions are preventable. So, with preventive care, patients can make informed decisions to best protect their health for years to come.  There are several different preventive services available to support the well-being of you and your family. Among the most important preventive services are:

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Heart Disease

Warning Signs of Heart Disease

According to the CDC, heart disease is the main cause of death among men, women, and the majority of racial and ethnic groups in the U.S. With this in mind, the importance of promptly identifying and treating heart disease is undeniable. Knowing the warning signs of heart disease can help patients seek the medical care that they need to improve their heart health.  The Main Signs and Symptoms of Heart Disease Shortness of Breath Shortness

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