flu shot myths

Don’t Listen to Flu Shot Myths! Get Vaccinated This Year

Getting a flu shot is an important step to stay healthy through the winter and protect your loved ones. While it only takes a few minutes to get a flu vaccine, there are dozens of myths and misconceptions that prevent people from getting it.  These flu shot myths are dangerous.  Without the vaccine, you could be at risk of catching the flu and even getting hospitalized because of it. Don’t listen to these common flu

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improve posture

How to Improve Posture to Improve Your Health

If you don’t have good posture, it can lead to a host of health problems. You might notice mild issues related to back pain or discomfort, or you may experience severe problems with headaches, numbness, and even digestive trouble.  Fortunately, you can improve posture and live a healthier life by taking just a few steps each day.  Learn how you can stand up straight, sit with good posture, and set yourself on a path to

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primary care doctor

Why You Need a Primary Care Doctor & How to Find the Right One

When was the last time you visited a doctor? If you’re like many Americans, you head to urgent care or the ER when something is wrong, but otherwise don’t schedule regular check-ups or preventative care. According to one report by the Kaiser Family Foundation, roughly 28% of men and 17% of women don’t have a primary care doctor.  There are significant benefits to having a primary care doctor – and not just when you are

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back to school wellness

Back to School Health & Wellness Tips for Your Kids

It seems like summer just started, but some teachers and parents are already preparing to go back to school. From picking up school supplies to checking in on summer reading, there already seems like a big list of things to do.  In the excitement of starting a new year, don’t let your child’s health fall by the wayside.  Follow these steps to make sure your kids are healthy and physically ready for the new school

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Chiropractic care for sports injuries

What Can Chiropractic Care Do for Sports Injuries?

A bad sports injury can leave an athlete stranded, with their season and even their careers on the line, as they try to figure out what is next. Many athletes undergo complicated surgeries that require months of medication and therapy to recover. However, some people are turning to more holistic alternatives or complementary additions to injury treatment, including chiropractic care. Here are the benefits of chiropractic care for sports injuries and how you can make

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Hormone Therapy

What’s Hormone Therapy? 3 Powerful Things It Can Do For Your Body

As you age, your body produces fewer hormones and eventually stops making certain ones. While these hormones might have caused acne and anxiety as a teenager, they have actually helped you throughout life. Certain hormones help you bounce back from stress placed on your body while offering specific benefits to your overall health. Without these hormones, it’s hard to feel and look as good as you want to. Some people are turning to hormone therapy

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