All That You Always Wanted to Know About Warts

You don’t have to live with warts forever. Not when wellness centers have a lot of treatment options available to treat these ‘ugly’ skin growths within a short period of time. But, do you know what warts actually are? Warts are abnormal skin growths caused by the human papilloma virus. These growths are divided into different classes such as common warts, flat warts, plantar warts and filiform warts. Although these fleshy growths are not malicious

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3 Tips for Keeping Young Athletes Safe

Participation in sports is the best way to help youngsters achieve physical fitness, develop healthy habits, grow self-esteem, and improve critical thinking skills and teamwork. But children do sustain sports injuries such as bruises, strains or sprains for not adhering to the recommended safety measures. Although it’s not possible to prevent sports-related injuries, these three tips will keep you safe on the field. 1. Remember to Warm-up Start your physical activity with 5-10 minutes of

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Workout When You Work! Yes It’s Possible

Is a nine-to-five schedule keeping you from exercise? Too much sitting is bad for your heart and spine health. So get off your seat and make the following activities a part of your daily routine. Tap the Toes! Unleash the inner dancer in you by tapping your toes on the floor under your desk. Want a harder move? Use the office trashcan to your advantage. Stand in front of it and keep on tapping your

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Advantages of Alternative Medicine

Alternative medical practices are gaining traction across the US. Whether you want a solution for your aching neck, inflamed knees, sagging skin or receding hairline, a variety of traditional therapies can offer a healing touch. From acupuncture to herbal medicine, there seems to be a solution for every ailment. Approximately 38 percent of adults and around 12 percent of children are using some form of traditional therapies. So what are the reasons behind their tremendous

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Calories – To Lose or Not to Lose

Your grandma lovingly puts extra chocolate on your pancakes and insists that you eat it. Your sister, on the other hand, screams from the corner of the table, That’s too many calories!’ And you sit in a pretty confused state thinking, “To eat or not to eat?” While too many calories is bad for health, you need to have a minimum amount to stay healthy. Still confused? Well, here is something about calories for you.

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5 Steps to Give Your Diet a Good Start

After a week-long vacation filled with food and fun, you wake up early on Monday morning to get ready for the office. Although it’s not your favorite thing, you decide to give the scale a try. Yes, that’s the moment you get the shock of your life and instantly decide to try dieting. You restrict eating, do excessive physical exercise, and cut down all the liquor. But after seven days, you find yourself excessively weak

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