Advantages of Alternative Medicine

Alternative medical practices are gaining traction across the US. Whether you want a solution for your aching neck, inflamed knees, sagging skin or receding hairline, a variety of traditional therapies can offer a healing touch. From acupuncture to herbal medicine, there seems to be a solution for every ailment. Approximately 38 percent of adults and around 12 percent of children are using some form of traditional therapies. So what are the reasons behind their tremendous

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Calories – To Lose or Not to Lose

Your grandma lovingly puts extra chocolate on your pancakes and insists that you eat it. Your sister, on the other hand, screams from the corner of the table, That’s too many calories!’ And you sit in a pretty confused state thinking, “To eat or not to eat?” While too many calories is bad for health, you need to have a minimum amount to stay healthy. Still confused? Well, here is something about calories for you.

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5 Steps to Give Your Diet a Good Start

After a week-long vacation filled with food and fun, you wake up early on Monday morning to get ready for the office. Although it’s not your favorite thing, you decide to give the scale a try. Yes, that’s the moment you get the shock of your life and instantly decide to try dieting. You restrict eating, do excessive physical exercise, and cut down all the liquor. But after seven days, you find yourself excessively weak

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Why Should You Count upon Myofascial Release Technique for Pain Relief

Generally, we move straight to pain medicines when muscle pain and stiffness problems do not go away on their own. Medication can offer relief but it serves as a temporary fix against soft tissue pain and fascial tension. Even standard medical technology like CAT scans, electromyography and X-rays cannot isolate the source of the pain, thus making extensive and proper treatment impossible (in a traditional sense). However, Myofascial release technique has shown positive results in

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4 Symptoms of Cardiovascular Disease

Suddenly you clutch your chest, sweat profusely, and feel restless – you realize it is a cardiac arrest. This is one of the most common and ultimate symptoms that indicate you have a heart disease. But, it is not always possible to identify. For years, you tend to avoid small signs and finally, these manifest as a major heart attack. Before it is too late, try to understand your health and visit a cardio specialist.

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4 Common Inherited Health Conditions

It is quite surprising to see how your children inherit some habits of yours from a very young age. If you have a typical posture of sleeping or eating, you will find the same in your child. This is actually amazing because these habits are ingrained from birth and you are not teaching them. In similar way, your kids inherit some genetic disorders, not only from you but from your parents as well. Here are

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