Heart Health

Celebrate American Heart Month by Boosting Heart Health and Preventing Disease

February is American Heart Month, a time to focus on the reliable ticker in your chest that pumps away and keeps you alive. The team at Florida Wellness is deeply invested in heart health care. We know that prevention is often the key to detecting and intervening in a patient’s health before their problems become serious. Here are three ways you can prevent disease by getting your heart checked in the next few weeks. 1.

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Acupuncture Benefits

Did You Know Acupuncture Benefits Could Help You With These 4 Health Goals?

The start of the year is a time for setting goals and thinking about how you want to improve in future. From the desire to lose weight to kicking a bad habit like smoking, people across the globe are setting resolutions and working to improve their health in 2019. One tool you can use to help you reach your health goals is acupuncture. There are many acupuncture benefits that can help you mentally, physically, and

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delayed pain after a car accident

What To Do When Pain Shows Up Days After a Car Accident [Video]

A minor car accident might seem like more of an inconvenience than a serious problem. You have to deal with the insurance paperwork, file a police report, and miss work or social activities while everything gets cleaned up. However, a few days after the accident, it could turn into a much bigger issue if you suddenly start to feel pain. This pain can quickly become unbearable and leave you confused about what to do. We’re

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direct primary care

Have a High Deductible? No Health Insurance? Get a Direct Primary Care Plan

Many families across Florida struggle to pay their health insurance. Whether they can’t find someone to insure them or they pay hundreds of dollars each month for minimal coverage, health insurance can be a burden to their wallets and their mental health. There is a solution for families who stare down expensive health insurance bills each month or who don’t understand the insurance market process. If you find yourself in this situation, consider a direct

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Allergy Symptoms: How to Know If It’s Allergies and What to Do About It

Many people ignore their allergy symptoms because they don’t recognize that they have a chronic condition. Instead of confronting their allergies, they say they have a head cold or irritated sinuses — and they think the whole problem will go away in a few weeks. But weeks turn into months, and they don’t feel any better. It’s time to confront your allergy symptoms and learn more about them. With this information, you can take the

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Why You Should Get A Flu Shot This Fall

Even with local clinics and hospitals advertising the need for flu shots annually, not even half of the adult population in the United States have gone to get it in the past few years. Clearly, those advertisements aren’t working all that well and people aren’t thoroughly convinced that they need an annual flu vaccine.   If you aren’t all that certain that you need a flu vaccine this year, here are five reasons why you

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