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New Year’s Resolutions to Help Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can sabotage your exercise routine, hinder your daily routine, and diminish your quality of life. But, with the New Year upon us, there’s no better time to reinvigorate your pain management strategy. 

Consider these resolutions to help your chronic pain and bring you relief in the months ahead:

Hone in on Your Stress Levels. 

Stress is an enemy of chronic pain. Stress has been linked to worsened pain symptoms in people with chronic pain. So, lowering your stress levels may increase your pain relief in the New Year. 

Try these stress-busting strategies:

  • Meditate – even a short, five-minute meditation can instantly lower your stress levels. 
  • Practice gratitude by starting a gratitude journal. 
  • Listen to music to unwind when you’re feeling tense
  • Laugh more often – laughter reduces the physical symptoms of stress. 
  • Connect with friends, community members, and loved ones. 
  • Step outside for a quick mood-boost. 

Reconsider Your Sleep Routine. 

Do you get enough high-quality sleep each night? Many people don’t. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation worsens pain sensitivity and hinders the body’s natural recovery process. So, sleep is crucial on your path to chronic pain relief

Prioritize sleep in the New Year by:

  • Practicing a breathing meditation to relax before bed
  • Sticking to a consistent sleep schedule
  • Putting away all devices an hour before bedtime
  • Avoiding big meals, alcohol, and caffeine close to bedtime

Refresh Your Exercise Routine. 

While it can be challenging to exercise with chronic pain, doing so is essential to ease inflammation, maintain mobility, and support your body’s healing process. Focus on low-impact exercises that don’t cause flare-ups, such as swimming, aerobics, walking, and yoga. Aim to exercise for at least 30 minutes, five days per week. 

We’re here to help you find relief from chronic pain in the New Year. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!