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Overuse Injuries

Athletes take pride in pushing their bodies to the limit, gaining strength and stamina with every workout. Unfortunately, a physically demanding lifestyle can put your body at risk of overuse injuries.

Our experienced team is here to help you overcome overuse injuries – and prevent them from happening again in the future.

What Are Overuse Injuries?

An overuse injury results from repeated stress on a tissue or joint. This stress causes microtraumas that can lead to a significant injury.

Since overuse injuries develop gradually, rather than from a sudden trauma, they can be difficult to identify. This can also cause athletes to push through the pain without realizing they have an injury, leading to more severe damage.

There are many common overuse injuries, especially among athletes, including:

Caring For Overuse Injuries

At Florida Wellness Medical Group, we provide a variety of leading-edge treatments for overuse injuries. After accurately diagnosing your injury with detailed imaging, we’ll address its root cause. Our goal is to provide lasting symptom relief while averting future damage with injury prevention methods.

Your overuse injury treatment plan may include:

If you’re struggling with persistent pain, schedule an appointment at Florida Wellness Medical Group. We can determine if your pain is stemming from an overuse injury and recommend effective treatments to alleviate your symptoms.

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