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Power Walking is a Great Work-Out – Do It Right

A team of researchers at the University of Pittsburgh recently revealed that brisk walking for 30 to 60 minutes a day can help overweight persons to lose weight even without making any changes to their lifestyle habits. This is good news for those who simply hate dieting. It is free, an enjoyable alternative to complicated cardio-routine, and does not require expensive gym membership. As walking becomes a part of your daily routine, it slowly melts away your extra pounds, and also gives you an emotional high. Even if 20 minutes are all that you can squeeze out of your busy schedule, you will be slimmer and happier in a couple of month’s time. All you need to do is walk right, walk faster and for longer.

Here’s how to walk your way to a slimmer waist and a higher emotional energy:

Better your Technique

Power walking is the key to quick weight loss. To do it correctly, stand straight, but maintain a relaxed posture with your arms by your sides. To boost up the core muscles in the abdomen area, pull your naval inside, towards your spine. When you step forward, move your arms in the opposite direction. That means, when you take a step forward with your right foot, your right arm should move back. Focus your eyes straight at a distance. Keep your hands in a cup position, don’t clench. Maintain a rhythmic breathing pattern – breath in and out with each step.

Try Different Terrains

We hardly notice it, but we tend to expend different levels of energy when we walk on different surfaces. When you climb up a steep incline, heartbeats are likely to increase by 20 percent (an excellent cardio exercise). When going downhill, on the other hand, it is your leg muscles that will have to work a lot to counterbalance the gravity (a lovely way to fit into those super-mini shorts). You will also burn more energy when you walk the softer surfaces. That’s why walking the muddy ground or sandy beaches help you burn calories faster. Walking on the cobblestoned or rocky surfaces is even more beneficial – it does not only help burn more calories, but also regulates blood pressure

Add Variety to Walking Styles

To eliminate boredom, try some alternative styles. Try, for example, Nordic walking that requires you to walk with ski-like poles. Poles make you walk faster, and subsequently help you burn more calories. On those bad weather days, walk on treadmills. With its flat surface, a treadmill may not help you burn fat as quickly as hard roads or hilly terrains, but it is good for your joints. Mall walking is also a good exercise for those who prefer a fun way to workout.

Walking is a fantastic exercise. Keep adding duration and intensity to your walking routine and you are likely to see the results in less than three months.