How to Stay More Productive and Active Throughout the Day

An active lifestyle is the key to staying fit and happy. If you have a demanding career, however, then you know that maintaining a good physical activity level (PAL) is easier said than done. Have you ever wished to deduct a few hours from a normal work day so that you could have some time to exercise? Well, you are not alone. Ask your friends, and most of them will tell you that they can hardly squeeze in any time for exercise. What if you could sneak some movements into your everyday routine without hampering your work or personal engagements? Well, we can tell you five ways to do just that.

1. Turn Household Chores Into Calorie-Burning Workout

Yes, it’s true. Normal household work helps burn a good deal of calories. Depending on the type of housework, vacuuming the house, mowing the lawn, or washing the car by hand can burn over a thousand calories per day. Reaching, twisting, stretching, lifting— everything burns calories.

2. Stand up to Burn Calories

Did you know that standing periodically can help you burn almost 50 calories per hour. Get up often from your desk. Stand while talking to others. Instead of talking over the phone or chatting over the Internet, walk up to a colleague to deliver your message. Stand while presiding over a meeting or giving a presentation.

3. Swap Your Chair with an Activity Ball

Can the simple act of sitting help you burn calories? The answer is yes, but you will have to say goodbye to your office chair and practice sitting on a stability ball. The ball’s instability will make you constantly put efforts for staying steady. The result? You burn 112 to 165 calories per hour and also get toned abs and limbs.

4. Start Your Day With a Quick Visit to the Local Grocery Store

Leave the car in the garage – just walk to the supermarket to buy your daily groceries. It may not be intense, but it can be very effective to kick start your metabolism for the day.

5. Use Alarm Reminder to Get up From the Desk Every Hour

Don’t sit for more than one hour at a time. Set an alarm for every 50 minutes. Every time the alarm goes off, leave the seat and walk around for a few minutes. This little effort will make both your circulation system and metabolism run on top gear.

If there is a will, there is a way. If you truly want to incorporate some movements in your everyday routine, you CAN do that. Our tips just showed you the way. If you need more guidance, get in touch with one of the health experts of Florida Wellness Medical Group to learn what lifestyle changes you should adopt to stay healthy and feel better.