Advantages of Alternative Medicine

Alternative medical practices are gaining traction across the US. Whether you want a solution for your aching neck, inflamed knees, sagging skin or receding hairline, a variety of traditional therapies can offer a healing touch. From acupuncture to herbal medicine, there seems to be a solution for every ailment. Approximately 38 percent of adults and around 12 percent of children are using some form of traditional therapies. So what are the reasons behind their tremendous popularity? Read on to know.

Holistic Care

These therapies take up a comprehensive and integrated approach to health care. They take both your mind and body into consideration while treating an ailment. This holistic approach is one of the main reasons behind its soaring popularity.

Focus on Prevention

The alternative school of medicine is premised on the old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ and therefore encourages patients to follow healthy lifestyle practices. Unlike the standard western medical practice, which intervenes only when a person falls ill, alternative medicine recommends ‘well visits’ to address the ‘issue’ even before it occurs.

Virtually Side Effect-free

Herbal medications have fewer side effects than pharmaceutical drugs. They are also safer to use over time.

Can Be Used with Chronic Conditions

Instead of using strong chemical formula, these therapies emphasize on making dietary and other lifestyle changes to treat different physical conditions. People with chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular complications or liver dysfunction, can also opt for these therapies.

Less Expensive

Alternative treatments cost lot less than prescription medicines. The high price of these medicines can be attributed to their huge investments in research, testing, and marketing. The medicines in alternative health care are mostly herb-based, and since herbs cost lot less than laboratory-produced drugs, alternative medicine tends to be more affordable.


Yet another advantage of herbal medicines is their widespread availability. In some remote parts of the world, herbal medicine is the only option for the majority of people. Know why? Because they grow virtually everywhere and is easily available.

People have been using these time-tested therapies for thousands of years. However, It’s always advisable to contact a trained practitioner before undergoing any form of alternative medical treatment. If you are planning to try the alternative path, get in touch with us. We specialize in many holistic treatments.