How Teamwork Helps With Maintaining Diabetes

Do you wish to get a handle on your diabetes? If yes, then a team approach might prove an effective solution. When you integrate a whole team of specialists into the care process, including a dietitian, a diabetes instructor, a nephrologist, a cardiologist, and an endocrinologist, it goes a long way towards lowering complications in your health. Worried about the associated costs? Well, this approach actually reduces the cost of your health care system in the long run. Let’s find out more about how you can curb your diabetes with the power of teamwork.

Reducing Complications

Patients suffering from diabetes have a common tendency of developing other health complications such as cardiovascular disease, limb amputation, stroke, nerve pain, kidney disease, and blindness. Most people are unaware of these types of issues, especially the kidney disease. What they fail to realize is that people suffering from type 2 diabetes already have some type of kidney impairment. Annual screenings, including microalbumin urine tests, become important to track the status of the diabetes. The absence of adequate knowledge about their condition could cause further damage to the kidneys and, in severe cases, lead to heart disease.

Lifestyle Modifications

Diabetes patients need to modify their lifestyle and follow the physician’s prescription directly as it reads. In such cases, interventions by dietitians and nutritionists allow patients to get back on track. Working together as a cohesive unit will enable patients to make noticeable improvements to their health.

Understanding the Role of the Medical Care Team

Teamwork has one purpose – to help the patients manage their diabetes and achieve glycemic control via insulin, lifestyle modification, or oral therapy. This necessitates careful follow-up and monitoring as well as support, something that a group of professionals can easily provide.

An interdisciplinary team approach is not a novel concept for chronic illness management but as far as diabetes is concerned, more awareness is required. There is a growing need for diabetes care providers collaborate with professionals in other wellness disciplines for better outcomes with patients. If you are in search of this type of comprehensive treatment for diabetes, get in touch with Florida Wellness Medical Group today.