3 Benefits of a High-Protein Diet

You require a protein-rich diet to keep your daily energy levels high, boost your metabolism, and maintain your blood sugar levels. You may be having a lot of proteins in your meal already, but are you eating the right ones?  Used in every cell in your body, proteins are essential for building muscles, improving digestion, balancing hormones naturally, and supporting neurological functions. Animal proteins such as fish, meat, dairy products, and eggs have high and balanced proportions of amino acids. Nuts, beans, and high-protein grains like quinoa are other good sources of protein. Here are three important reasons why you must consider a high-protein diet:

1. Keeps You Full for a Long Time

With a protein-rich diet, you feel full for a long time, resisting your desire to snack after a meal. Several researches reveal that a protein-packed meal is more filling than a diet rich in high fats. With a full stomach, you are less likely to overindulge in food. When you have no desire to snack, you automatically reduce your daily calorie intake and lose weight in a fast and healthy way. Indulging in more proteins helps reduce your appetite through different mechanisms such as altering the hormones associated with the desire to eat.

2. Builds Muscle Strength

The muscle tissue in your body contains protein, and so it is no wonder that a diet high in this essential nutrient will help you build muscles quickly. When you exercise, your muscles are trained, thus ‘damaging’ and dividing your muscle tissue. This process is called protein synthesis wherein your body produces new muscle proteins to make up for the damaged tissues. This means your body requires more of this nutrient for synthesis. Based on the findings of research scientists at McMaster University, consumption of 1.3 to 1.8 gm of proteins for every kg of body weight is enough for maximum synthesis of proteins. You will require more of it when training intensely and regularly. Proteins are also needed when you are curbing your calorie intake for fat loss.

3. Improves Your Heart Health

Include fish in your meals if you are on a high-protein diet for the full week. Seafood in particular is protein-packed. Not only does it have low fat, but also omega-3 fatty acids that help to lose weight, reduce cholesterol levels, and improve cardiovascular health.

Do not get carried away by diet trends that come and go. Instead, switch to a high-protein diet for muscle growth and strength. Consult with our nutritionists who will tailor a creative meal plan to help you get amino acid-rich proteins. If you need more assistance, contact the nutrition experts of Florida Wellness Medical Group now.