3 Ways to Prevent Thyroid

There is a small butterfly shaped organ located at the base of your neck. But, don’t go by its size, because it produces a hormone that controls some of the most vital functions of your body including breathing, heart rate, menstrual cycle, body weight and so on. If you haven’t it guessed yet, this is the thyroid gland that regulates the entire body metabolism. Unfortunately, more than 12 percent of all Americans develop some sort of thyroid problem in their lifetime, which if not controlled and treated, might lead to thyroid cancer. The good news is, you can prevent it. How? Let us enlighten you:

Stop Smoking

Smoking is one habit that can ruin your health in no time and it is also one of the possible causes behind thyroid problem. The smoke emits a number of toxins including thiocyanate that triggers thyroid —. Graves disease, a type of autoimmune thyroid disease, is also very common among smokers.
So, if you do not want to aggravate your thyroid issue, stop smoking immediately.

Control Soy Intake

Soy is a healthy and nutritional food. But, if you do not know the restriction line of consumption, it can increase the chances of thyroid disease. It can hit hard on your immune system and can trigger health problems in susceptible people. So, even if you want to have soy, stick to the natural forms and know the limit.

Treat Thyroid Antibodies

In case you are having thyroid symptoms, do not restrict your test only to TSH. Make sure the doctor carries out tests for antibodies too. For instance, if you have evidence of Hashimoto’s disease, even when the TSH is normal, consult a doctor to prevent development of hypothyroidism.

Abnormal functioning of thyroid can have a major impact on the control of diabetes. As per a study, 10 percent of women and 3 percent of men in the United States have hypothyroidism. Though hyperthyroidism is comparatively lesser found, but it can affect all age group equally, especially women. So, keep a check on your health and the moment you find any thyroid symptoms, treat it immediately. Contact us if you want to consult one of our doctors about thyroid diseases.