5 Foods That Can Add Years to Your Life

Who doesn’t want to live a long and healthy life? Thankfully, achieving it isn’t out of reach. Simply consume the right food items. Here are a few you should consider:


Having at least eight ounces of low-mercury fish like salmon and sardines on a regular basis can improve your brain function significantly. Consuming fish also helps fight inflammation. Don’t substitute fresh fish with fish oil supplements as the latter cannot give you the same benefits of fresh fish.

Hot pepper

If your palate is trained for everything ‘hot,’ you can expect to live longer. If not, start incorporating hot spices like crushed red pepper flakes or jalapeño peppers into some dishes.  You can use them in moderation to add flavor to food instead of salt.   The capsaicin in spicy peppers and seasonings will improve your blood flow, boost metabolism, and prevent bacterial invasion in your stomach. The anti-inflammatory qualities of capsaicin help prevent cancer and Type 2 diabetes, too.


Beans are loaded with a variety of nutrients – protein, vitamins, fiber, and more – and help with the body’s restoration process. Regular consumption of these vegetables – which also fall into the Proteins food group — will deter the accumulation of bad cholesterol in your body; thank the high fiber content for that. Eating four half-cup servings of beans regularly along with peas, lentils, and tofu will lower your risks of developing an ischemic heart.

Dark chocolates

Rich in flavonoids, dark chocolates can have plenty of benefits to your health.Consumption of this food in moderation can keep your blood pressure in check. And who does not know the close relation between healthy blood pressure and longevity?


Rich in mono-saturated fat and antioxidants, nuts can help to reduce the bad cholesterol level in your body and unclog your arteries. Having an ounce of assorted nuts (almonds, cashews,macadamia nuts, and walnuts) daily can lower your risks for several diseases including cancer and respiratory issues by 20 percent.

There is nothing exotic about any of the above items; they are just common everyday foods that we all love to eat. Adding years to your life is actually so easy! If you want more such easy-to-follow health tips or want a solution to any of your long-term health problems, get in touch with Florida Wellness Medical Group. Our alternative medicine experts can tailor a treatment program for your quick recovery.