Are You Sleeping Enough to Keep Your Bones Healthy?

All of us know that a good night’s sleep is of paramount importance for our general well-being and productivity. But our lives move at a very fast pace these days, and many of us deal with stress that makes it difficult to get a sound sleep. This takes a toll on our overall health, which calls for adopting good sleeping habits. In fact, chronic sleep issues can also lead to a gradual decrease in bone density and the development of osteoporosis with increasing age.

Bone Remodeling

Our bones are in a constant phase of repair throughout our lifetime. Through the process of bone remodeling, the mature bone tissues are removed from the skeleton and replaced with new bone tissues regularly. This process helps in replacing damaged bone structure when our bones get weakened due to everyday movements or are broken due to an injury from an auto accident or sports activity. An imbalance in this remodeling process can cause bone diseases like osteoporosis.

What the Research Says

Over the past few years, many studies have suggested that deprivation of sleep can adversely affect the bone remodeling process. A study conducted at the Medical College of Wisconsin found a connection between chronic sleep deprivation and abnormality in bone and bone marrow development. When laboratory animals were deprived of sleep, there was a dramatic imbalance in bone growth. Sleep-deprived animals stopped forming new bone and gradually lost bone density. Lack of sleep also affected bone marrow, leading to diminished bone flexibility. These results suggest that sleep deprivation can have a similar effect on the bone remodeling process in humans.

Restoring Sleep

To restore your sleep and improve bone health, you can take a few simple steps like checking your caffeine intake, limiting the use of TV and your computer at night, using night-time lighting, and going to bed earlier than your current time. You can also try to increase your melatonin level, because it regulates your nocturnal circadian rhythms and helps you sleep better. Melatonin also reduces bone breakdown and enhances bone formation.

Now you have one more reason to cultivate healthy sleeping habits; a sound sleep at night can help in keeping your bones healthy and strong. However, if you are facing difficulties in getting a good night’s sleep, consult one of the physicians of Florida Wellness Medical Group. Our expert chiropractors and health professionals can help to ease you into a new sleep routine.