Why Opt for Thoracic Spine Treatment?

Do your shoulders tend to sink when you sit, walk, or stand? Do you have neck or lower back pain when trying to make rotational movements, or have a problem keeping your chest up while picking up heavy objects from the ground? If your answer is yes, you need thoracic spine treatment. Here are some of its benefits:

Reduces Headaches

Many mechanical headaches are cervicogenic in nature, meaning the cervical spine or other anatomical structures in the neck are responsible for them. These headaches can be treated with the mobilization or manipulation of the mid- and upper thoracic spine.

Helps Your Cervical Spine

Thrust manipulation of the mid and the upper spine (known as the thoracic spine) helps your cervical spine (neck). As the neck is a sensitive place to apply pressure or manipulate, some patients are skeptical about it. Manipulating the thoracic spine helps in achieving the same results and is a much safer option.

Breathe Easy

It is amazing that although we breathe more than 20,000 times a day, most of us do not do it in the correct way. Inefficient breathing is often responsible for a number of pains, especially around the neck, head, and shoulders. Poor posture, stiffness, tense shoulders, and rigid pelvis are some of the conditions that might prevent the rib cage from opening up. A chiropractor can teach you the proper way to breathe.

Improves Shoulder Movement

Thoracic manipulation improves the movement of your frozen shoulders in conjunction with improving thoracic mobility, which is an essential component of shoulder girdle flexibility.

Improve your thoracic mobility to keep your spine healthy and adjusted, and make sure that you have the right posture so that your spine remains well aligned. If you are suffering from lower back or neck pain, visit Florida Wellness Medical Group for chiropractic care plus manual/massage therapy. Call for an appointment today.