Cut Back on Your Calorie Intake: Eat Less, Chew More

Did you know that there is a super-easy way to keep your calorie intake under control? No more weighing your food, no more counting of calories, and no need to restrict yourself to a low-calorie (and often non-appetizing) diet. Recently, researchers have discovered a pretty simple way to cut back on your calories. All you need to do is eat less and chew more! Sounds interesting? Read on to learn more.

Research Results

A few nutritionists conducted a study on young males, some obese while the rest lean. The observations of the research showed that the lean men took more time to eat and chewed their food more often than the obese men.

The groups of lean and obese men were provided with the same food on two occasions. First, they were requested to chew their food at the rate of 15 times per 10g. On the next occasion, the participants were given the same meals, and were asked to chew their food 40 times per 10g. The study showed that both the obese and the lean men consumed 11.9 percent less calories when they chewed 40 times per 10g when compared to the initial 15 times. Reduced calorie intake would help you lose 25 pounds annually. The nutritionists inferred that chewing food more is the best way to fight obesity.

Tips to Chew More

Now that you know that chewing food more is beneficial, here are some simple tips to help you do so.

Eat Your Meals Slowly: Do not rush when you eat to avoid gulping down your plate of food. Have your meals according to a schedule. Avoid eating at drive-through restaurants, as you’ll have to eat in haste. You should also avoid eating while driving.

Avoid Eating While Watching TV: Don’t get distracted while eating as you’ll end up chewing less. Avoid taking meals while watching TV, working on your PC, or reading.

Focus While Eating: Focus when you’re eating. Count how many times you are chewing your food. It will help you know whether you are chewing your food as frequently as you should. Chew more, if necessary.

Eat healthy and well. Chewing your food will not only help you lose weight, but will also melt away your stress. Visit our wellness clinic for nutrition and wellness consulting. Stay healthy, live better.