3 Food Items that are Bad for Your Waistline

Do you indulge in a high-protein and low-carb diet? Do you eat raw foods or green smoothies because you think they are healthy? We have news for you, experts believe that these food items may not be supercharged with health benefits after all. Here are three things that you must keep in mind, especially if you are trying to control your weight:

  • Only High-protein and Low-Carb Food

Be it protein shakes, bars or brownies, the latest health trend is to gorge on food rich in protein. But, when you’re sweating it out at the gym, you need carbohydrates as well because carbohydrates give you energy. You must stay away from protein snacks that have artificial fillers and unhealthy sugar alcohols. Ditch the high-protein/low-carb food items and switch to healthy carbohydrates such as oats, brown rice and quinoa to maintain an attractive waistline. Eat proteins like skinless chicken, fish, eggs, lean meat, nuts or legumes as part of your daily meals.

  • Large Smoothies with Too Many Kilojoules

Besides milk, vegetables or fruits, a smoothie is usually loaded with chocolate, honey, syrups, and peanut butter. These ingredients make your so-called ‘health drink’ unhealthy with additional kilojoules. It’s not even good for your teeth as research shows that it results in enamel erosion, especially if consumed between meals. Make your smoothie healthy with leafy greens, fresh fruits, skim milk, yogurt and seeds. Avoid adding syrups, coconut water or too many fruits in your smoothie. It’s not good to add too much fat and sugar. Drink your smoothie at meal times and not between meals.

  • Too Much Raw Food

Large portions of bananas, grapes, or carrots might do more harm than good to your waistline as they contain more sugar than you need. Enjoy raw food occasionally but not all the time. Eat them in moderation, as snacks, and not as meals.

Eat healthy, nutritious food that’s good for your waistline. Avoid eating things just because they are in vogue. If you have any doubt, consult with our experienced food, nutrition and wellness consultants right away. They will help you stay fit and lose weight through lifestyle changes and exercise.

Benefits of a Healthy Sleep Pattern

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise,” goes this old adage. There is a strong connection between sleeping well and being healthy. And who does not know that the groundwork of all happiness is health? Following are just a few ways how getting your ZZZs can bring in health and happiness.

Boost Your Gray Matter

Sound sleep rejuvenates your brain cells and gives you a razor-sharp memory. Therefore, a healthy sleep pattern helps enhance your mental agility, and lets you learn, remember and act fast.

Forever 21

Proper amount of sleep does not only delay the aging of your brain, but also gives you younger-looking skin. This is because sleep promotes the secretion of growth hormones, which offer great anti-aging benefits.

Overall Health and Longevity

Good sleeping habits strengthen your immune system. It also keeps certain diseases such as cardiovascular ailments, obesity and diabetes at bay, and quite obviously, good health improves longevity.

Better Mood

Did you know that lack of sleep might affect how you conduct yourself in public? Well, when you are deprived of proper sleep over a period of time, managing even fairly low levels of stress becomes difficult. You face more difficulties in controlling your negative emotions. Sleeping disorders such as insomnia or obstructive sleep apnea also tend to make you depressed. Sound sleep on the other hand finds you in a better mood, so that you are better prepared for facing the world.

Reduced Pain

Lack of sleep aggravates pain. On the other hand, you feel better when you are well-rested. When you are asleep, your strained nerves and muscles repair themselves, thus helping you heal faster.

Weight Management

There is a misconception that you tend to lose weight due to lack of sleep. In reality, inadequate sleep actually affects your metabolism and you start gaining weight. Furthermore, lack of sleep causes the level of leptin – a hormone that gives us a feeling of fullness – drop, making us binge on high-calorie food.

Focus more on what makes you happy and avoid whatever triggers negative emotions. You will fall asleep faster and get more sleep. You will wake up feeling more refreshed the following day. You will soon discover a more optimistic and more energetic you. Need a bit of guidance there? Contact one of our wellness consultants and be on your path to better health.