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Why It’s Important To Visit Florida Wellness Vs. an Emergency Room for Your Injury

If you’re injured, your first instinct may be to visit the emergency room. People often think of the ER as the fundamental care option when they need care for a sudden injury; but, in truth, visiting one of Florida Wellness Medical Group’s four office locations is the superior option for most injuries when compared to the ER. 

Avoid Sky-High ER Costs

The ER is the most expensive option for injury treatment. A single ER visit could easily cost over $1,000, with costs added for any treatment you receive, whether it be stitches or an X-ray. You can avoid these exorbitant costs by going to Florida Wellness Medical Group for injury treatment instead. 

Get Seen Faster

The ER is notorious for having long wait times. If you head to the ER first after you become injured, you could end up waiting for many hours before getting seen by a doctor. Once you are seen by an ER doctor, they’re likely to be juggling many patients and won’t have the time to provide you with personalized care. 

Address the Issue Immediately

By visiting Florida Wellness Medical Group instead of the ER for an injury, you’ll receive personalized care from one of our experienced physicians. We offer diagnostic labs and imaging services to accurately identify your injury and develop an effective treatment plan. When you visit us after the injury, you’ll be able to start recovering immediately. In contrast, at the ER, they’ll refer you to a doctor for ongoing treatment, thus delaying the healing process.  

The ER is for Emergencies

While we recommend visiting one of our offices for injuries, some emergency situations may call for a visit to the ER. For example, if you or a loved one is choking, having trouble breathing, experiencing a serious head or neck injury, seriously burned, having seizures, or having pain/pressure in the chest, call 911. 

For injury treatment, contact Florida Wellness Medical Group. Our skilled staff will get you on the path to recovery.