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Why You Need Physical Rehabilitation After a Sports Injury

As an athlete, you need your body to be in top condition so that you can perform at your peak. Unfortunately, given the strain that athletes place on their bodies, injuries are to be expected. But with physical rehabilitation, you can recover as quickly as possible after a sports injury while preventing future injuries. 

Rehabilitation To Retrain Your Body

Oftentimes, sports injuries are caused by a misalignment in the body. Misalignment can place additional stress on the body and increase your risk of getting injured. Physical rehabilitation treatments including chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, and balance/gait retraining can restore balance in the body. Your doctor will also work with you to reduce stress on the joints by learning how to optimally work your body while you’re playing your sport.

Reduce Inflammation

After any sports injury, inflammation will be present. While inflammation can be reduced by icing the injury and taking anti-inflammatory medication, physical rehabilitation can help you achieve lasting relief from inflammation. By adjusting the body, amending imbalances, and strengthening weak muscles, it’s possible to alleviate inflammation in the body for a faster recovery from your sports injury. 

Prevent Permanent Damage

Many athletes’ instinct when they get injured is to push through the pain to avoid the bench. Unfortunately, this will only prolong the problem and could even lead to permanent damage. Starting physical rehabilitation after any sports injury occurs will ensure that the root of the injury is identified and addressed. By taking a proactive approach to the treatment of your sports injury, rather than ignoring it, you can prolong your athletic career and reduce the risk of a future injury. 

If you’ve incurred a sports injury, contact Florida Wellness Medical Group to schedule an appointment. We provide a broad range of physical therapy treatments to help you make a full recovery.