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We work with our patients to offer treatment plans focused on their individual needs with realistic, attainable goals.

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Everything your average primary care clinic has and so much more. Florida Wellness Medical Group has an elite group of medical professionals …​

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Florida Wellness Medical Group is taking diagnostics a step further. We offer a wide range of services both on and off-site providing our patients …


With a wide variety of services, we are far more than your ordinary chiropractic or primary care clinic, focusing not only on sick care but also preventative care.

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About Us

Florida Wellness Medical Group has an exclusive group of physicians to manage a wide range of conditions. We offer onsite Primary Care, Physical Medicine, Chiropractic Medicine, Medical Acupuncture, Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy. Certain locations also offer Internal Medicine and Sports Medicine.

We focus on treating the root causes of your conditions and developing healthy habits, not just treating your symptoms.

Florida Wellness Medical Group is here for YOU

With services ranging from primary care to chiropractic to massage therapy and acupuncture, we are able to meet all of your individual needs with with a care plan designed to reach your goals and help you live a longer and better life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we accept most insurances, personal injury and worker’s compensation. Please call our office for a detailed list.

A Bachelors degree with an emphasis on pre-medical courses is required to enter a Chiropractic College, which is an additional 4 years of schooling.

The noise is caused by the change of pressure within the joint that results in gas bubbles being released, and there is no pain involved.

Lisa D

This is the best place for comprehensive care. In one location you can get physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and manual therapy. The front desk staff is great too.

Nicole N

Wonderful staff..very organized & awesome environment! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. You can tell they all work together well to keep this place in such great condition! Always satisfied.

Chris C

I love this place. After two years of suffering, I finally found a doctor who is helping me kick the pain in the butt. Five stars all the way for Dr. Stephen Unger !!!

Gigi D.

Love these people. So kind and way experienced. Thank you for all you have done for me. ggd

Brandi L

Amazing staff never felt more comfortable and confident that I was getting the right treatment

Janet S

Dr. Unger and his staff have been extremely helpful after my son and I were in a car accident.

Cheryl A

Great place and people. Very helpful. I am already feeling better

Kris S

Been with Florida wellness for some time now!!! I cannot say enough good things about the doctors and staff!!! I have come such a long way since my accident, and it’s because of the caring people that work their!! Everyone works as a team to assure you get the very best treatment!! A wellness plan is customized for you!!! The physical therapist is wonderful!! The massage therapist’s are amazing!!! I am well on my way to feeling like myself again!!!!

Maria G

Great staff and docs. Very detail oriented and accommodating.

Susan L

So many great things under one roof- primary care medicine, chiropractors, massage, physical therapy and acupuncture all working together to provide the best care possible. So many different options to treat the same ailment. Love this place.

Jay B

Dr Unger is awesome, down to earth and talks to you like a friend!

Samantha S

Dr. Unger and his staff have been so nice and helpful during this difficult time for me. The atmosphere is always welcoming and they are very informative. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to help me get back to being somewhat normal.

Holden M

Dr.Browne and her P.A Jennifer are amazing. On June 18th I had brain surgery that was far from a success. I have had seizures since and have had nothing but chronic pain. Dr.Browne was the only doctor who could figure out what was causing this chronic pain. After searching for a doctor for almsot 6 months I finally found one who cares. Dr.Browne and Jennifer are not just in the profession for money they truely care about you. Best doctor I have ever encountered in 19 years. She has touched such a special place in my heart.

Dawn D

Dr. Browne, Dr. Unger and the entire staff truly care about you and you well being. From a friendly welcome, remembering your name to spending quality time with you to asess your needs as a patient. I feel very lucky to have found them.

Cheryl A

Dr Unger saw me within a few days as a new patient. He made arrangements to get me in with Dr Browne. She found a dislocated rib and popped it back in place. I felt as if I could now conquer the world.

Denise S

The locations and the hours are convenient. The staff is great and I am always satisfied after each visit.

Amanda W

The team at Florida wellness is nothing short of amazing! From physical therapy to massage to the expertise of Dr ugner, I have been so blessed to have these folks helping me recover. I am so thankful!

Melissa B

The whole staff was wonderful and Dr Unger took his time to understand what was going on so we can help fix the problem. one of the best chiropractic physician I’ve been to that actually cares about their Patients

Stephanie D

Great bedside manner, amazing adjustments that I know I don’t need to be afraid of and I had my first ever acupuncture treatment for my migraine headaches and have seen wonderful results. Dr. Klee, Kelly and the rest of the staff in Zephyrhills are always wonderful and treat everyone with the upmost respect and professional care.

Theresa C

Most professional staff help you and their doctors are so very caring of your well being. It’s a one stop shop for all of your medical needs.

Chonya A

Dr will is amazing by far one of the best chiropractors around thank you for taking me on such short notice

Mikela B

Dr. Allen is amazing. Coming from out of state I had found it difficult to find a doctor that I felt completely comfortable speaking with. I’m happy to have found a doctor who is open and takes care of her patients on time and with nothing but the utmost professionalism.

Gretchen T

Not enough good things to say.. I have loved my experience here and highly recommend their services.

Tiffany R

Dr. Abrahams and his staff are amazing. They will always help you feel better, get better, and answer any questions. They actually care about their patients and you never feel in the way or just a number, like other places I’ve been. They are just all around outstanding! I highly recommend him and his team. Pain sucks just as much as a non-caring office, which they are far from. They take the time to get to know you. They are seriously the best!

Nedenia C

This is the most convenient place around. I see my primary Doctor, my Chiropractor, and my massage Therapist in one visit. I absolutely love this place and their services!

Patti G

I was referred to Dr Abrahams after a car accident. My first day I told him I don’t believe in chiropractors. That was November 2016. Between him and my message therapist Nicole they have helped me with my whip lash and I feel so much better. I am sure I have some time left with them, but when I get released I will go back at least once a month . It is February 2017. I would recommend this group to all my friends because everyone that works there really care about your health and all so friendly! Thanks for the great service!!!!

Beverly S

Florida wellness was able to see me in a timely manor on a work related injury. They treated me better than my employer did. My doctor, Jeralyn Allen, was very professional. I felt as if I was getting the care that I needed and deserved. My job treated me like a moocher who was just trying to beat the system. Florida wellness treated like a human.

Bria L

I love coming for my check ups!! Best Dr, ever, Dr. Allen!!

Terri V

I have been using Florida Wellnes as my primary care doctors for over a year and have been very happy with them. Their Carrolwood office is a bright new facility and the staff is very friendly. I have been having a persistant pain in my shoulder, and was recommended for physical therapy. I had my first treatment today, and it was fantastic! Not only did I received PT, but also acupuncture, acupressure and massage all for my regular co-pay! I received expert care, and my shoulder all ready feels a hundred times better! Thank you so much for your time and excellent treatment!

Brian E

Florida Wellness is great! They go out of their way to help. We ran into an issue worn out insurance. They worked with us through the issue. Their chiropractic care is amazing and has given me relief. I will continue to visit and recommend them to anyone looking for great care.

Colleen J

What an amazing visit, I strained my back over the weekend and was able to get in a same-day appointment. Dr. Abrahams was very personable and really cared about where my pain was. He gave some great pointers on how to continue to be able to work workout for my daily routine. The office is very clean, staff was very friendly and there was no wait time! I highly recommend this office.

Alicia S

I was in the worst back pain of my life! They kindly fit me into their busy schedule and helped me immensely. My range of motion was increased by the time I left and some of the pain was gone. Although not 100%, the next day, I was able to return to work. I received a shot,Dr. Ashley’s adjustment and Sonya’s massage. My brother, stated he had the same thing happen to him, and he went to ER for the shot. That was they only treatment he received. He was out of work and week and a half. I’m so glad and really believe the adjustment and massage helped! It is now two days later. I feel a little sore, but overall i feel great!

Jesse M

Love the service, the responsiveness and the care provided to me over the years at Florida Wellness. Dr. Ridge is a genius and her staff is friendly and competent. I highly recommend! They’ve identified the root of my pain and I’m doing MUCH better since I started going there.

Troy G

Everyone there is so friendly … makes you feel part of the family and not just a client … they really care about you and your wellbeing

Garrett C

Dr. Allen and the entire staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and great at what they do.

Mark J

Cervical Vertigo

Oct 2012 I came down with a case of vertigo that was not resolvable via ENT or several specialists focused on vertigo in my ears. After 4 years of relentless nonstop rocking in the head I found my way to Florida Wellness Medical. My first treatment of Estim, Massage and a Cranial adjustment reduced then eliminated my vertigo after 1 treatment for 24 hours. Each subsequent visit has reduced my symptoms and improved my outlook on life. I have gone from being hopeless to making a full recovery.

Thank you FWM and Dr. Ashley for restoring real hope to my life.

Dawn M

Dr. Carol Browne, DO has tremendous bed side manor and caring for her patients. She puts me at ease and I trust her opinions. I have been with Dr. Browne for six years. Even though Dr. Browne has reduced her hours to once a week at the Downtown Tampa location, I still wouldn’t think of leaving her care.

Dawn M

Dr. Finson, DC is a Chiropractor that is unafraid of soft tissue manipulation. Many Chiropractors do not offer any stretching or soft tissue manipulation in addition to structural adjustments. Dr. Finson offers a holistic approach to structural realignment therapy.

Ronald G

Dr. Ridge has been absolutely the best! I had horrible pain radiating from my lower back through my right side to my foot when I began treatment. Within 5-6 weeks the pain was virtually eliminated. Sean and his tough love manual therapy did wonders as well. Great people! Can’t say enough about Dr. Ridge and the staff. Highly recommend!!

Freddie L

Dr. Ridge and staff are proffesional and care about your needs. Medically they have inproved my quality of life in the short time I have been treated. They also go out of there way to provide the lowest cost possible by working with you and your insurance. They are friendly and make you feel very comfortable. My restless legs have improved by 70% in just 2 weeks of treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Ridge.

Katie G

Great place. Dr. Figueroa really listens and helps me sort through multiple medical conditions so I never leave with questions. I love how everything is in house, so you can get complete care in one place.

Christine D

This practice is very professional and has helped me quite a bit. I was skeptical of chiropractic until a family member recommended it. I am now a believer who recommends it to others.

Gigi D

Dr. Unger and all these people at Florida Wellness Medical Group are incredibly caring and helpful. Thanks for all you do.

Jacqi D

Dr. Leonard and staff are awesome! ! Couldn’t ask for better treatment!

Jack B

Doctor Leonard is not only the absolute best Chiropractor, he also listens and truly cares about your well being

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