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Have you ever heard of "text-neck?" Here's what you should know...
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Have you been in a car accident?

If you've been in a car accident, even a minor one, it is very important to get medical attention. It is a common mistake for people to not seek any if they don't feel pain right away, because they are running on adrenaline. This could lead to long term ailments to tissues you didn't even know were affected.

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Evidence-based Wellness Care​

Our care plans are designed with you in mind and our only goal is to improve your quality of life through proactive care and focusing on your individual needs.

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Tampa Chiropractic Services To Keep Your Family Healthy & Happy

Learn about a simple test that can help identify and prevent major illness and disease.


With a wide variety of services, we are far more than your ordinary chiropractic or primary care clinic, focusing not only on sick care but also preventative care.

About Us

Florida Wellness Medical Group has an exclusive group of physicians to manage a wide range of conditions. We offer onsite Primary Care, Physical Medicine, Chiropractic Medicine, Medical Acupuncture, Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy.

We focus on treating the root causes of your conditions and developing healthy habits, not just treating your symptoms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we accept most insurances, personal injury and worker’s compensation. Please call our office for a detailed list.
Generally, chiropractic physicians complete a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis on pre-medical courses. They then complete a doctorate degree at a chiropractic college, which is an additional 4 years of schooling.
The noise is caused by the change of pressure within the joint that results in gas bubbles being released, and there is no pain involved.

Florida Wellness Medical Group is here for YOU

With services ranging from primary care to chiropractic to massage therapy and acupuncture, we are able to meet all of your individual needs with with a care plan designed to reach your goals and help you live a longer and better life.

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